Definitions of ill

The word ill uses 3 letters:ill.

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a. - Contrary to good, in a physical sense; contrary or opposed to advantage, happiness, etc.; bad; evil; unfortunate; disagreeable; unfavorable. 2

a. - Contrary to good, in a moral sense; evil; wicked; wrong; iniquitious; naughtly; bad; improper. 2

a. - Sick; indisposed; unwell; diseased; disordered; as, ill of a fever. 2

a. - Not according with rule, fitness, or propriety; incorrect; rude; unpolished; inelegant. 2

n. - Whatever annoys or impairs happiness, or prevents success; evil of any kind; misfortune; calamity; disease; pain; as, the ills of humanity. 2

n. - Whatever is contrary to good, in a moral sense; wickedness; depravity; iniquity; wrong; evil. 2

adv. - In a ill manner; badly; weakly. 2

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b - bill9

d - dill7

f - fill9

g - gill8

h - hill8

s - ills6 sill6

y - illy8 lily8 yill8

j - jill15

k - kill10

t - lilt6 till6

m - mill9

n - nill7

p - pill9

r - rill6

v - vill10

w - will9

z - zill15

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