Definitions of hot

The word hot uses 3 letters:hot.

HOT is playable in:

Words With Friends5
Scrabble US6
Scrabble UK6

- of Hight 2

- imp. & p. p. of Hote. 2

superl. - Having much sensible heat; exciting the feeling of warmth in a great degree; very warm; -- opposed to cold, and exceeding warm in degree; as, a hot stove; hot water or air. 2

superl. - Characterized by heat, ardor, or animation; easily excited; firely; vehement; passionate; violent; eager. 2

superl. - Lustful; lewd; lecherous. 2

superl. - Acrid; biting; pungent; as, hot as mustard. 2

- of Hote 2

- of Hote 2


Direct anagrams of hot


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Words formed by adding one letter

b - both9

d - doth7

l - holt7 loth7

o - hoot6

s - host6 hots6 shot6 soth6 tosh6

m - moth9

a - oath6

p - phot9 toph9

i - thio6

u - thou7

r - thro6

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