Definitions of hiss

The word hiss uses 4 letters:hiss.

HISS is playable in:

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Scrabble US7
Scrabble UK7

v. i. - To make with the mouth a prolonged sound like that of the letter s, by driving the breath between the tongue and the teeth; to make with the mouth a sound like that made by a goose or a snake when angered; esp., to make such a sound as an expression of hatred, passion, or disapproval. 2

v. i. - To make a similar noise by any means; to pass with a sibilant sound; as, the arrow hissed as it flew. 2

v. t. - To condemn or express contempt for by hissing. 2

v. t. - To utter with a hissing sound. 2

n. - A prolonged sound like that letter s, made by forcing out the breath between the tongue and teeth, esp. as a token of disapprobation or contempt. 2

n. - Any sound resembling that above described 2

n. - The noise made by a serpent. 2

n. - The note of a goose when irritated. 2

n. - The noise made by steam escaping through a narrow orifice, or by water falling on a hot stove. 2

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y - hissy9

t - hists7 shist7 shits7

e - shies7

m - shims10

n - shins8 sinhs8

p - ships10

v - shivs11

r - shris7

g - sighs9

u - sushi8

w - swish10

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