The word hes uses 3 letters:ehs.

HES is playable in:

Words With Friends5
Scrabble US6
Scrabble UK6

hes is a valid word in this word list.

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Direct anagrams of hes


Words found within hes through unscramble

3 letter words



Words formed by adding one letter

d - edhs7 shed7

t - eths6 hest6 hets6

f - fehs9

a - haes6 shea6

h - hehs8

m - hems9 mesh9

n - hens7

r - hers6 resh6

w - hews9 shew9

i - hies6

o - hoes6 hose6 shoe6

u - hues7

p - pehs9

s - shes6

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