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Definitions of harmonics

The word "harmonics" uses 9 letters: achimnors.

n. - The doctrine or science of musical sounds. 2

n. - Secondary and less distinct tones which accompany any principal, and apparently simple, tone, as the octave, the twelfth, the fifteenth, and the seventeenth. The name is also applied to the artificial tones produced by a string or column of air, when the impulse given to it suffices only to make a part of the string or column vibrate; overtones. 2

plural of harmonic 1

Direct anagrams of harmonics:


Words formed by adding one letter before or after harmonics (in bold), or to achimnors in any order:

t - chromatins monarchist a - harmonicas maraschino e - monarchies nomarchies m - monarchism

Shorter words found within harmonics

acorn acorns ah ai aim aims ain ains air airn airns airs ais am ami amin amino amins amir amirs amis amnic amnio amnios an anchor anchors ani anis anomic anosmic ar arc arch archon archons arco arcs arm arms ars arshin arsino arson as asci ash cain cains cairn cairns cam camion camions cams can cans canso car carn carns carom caroms cars cash casino chain chains chair chairs cham chamiso chamois chams chao chaos char charism charm charms chars chasm chi chia chiao chias chiasm chimar chimars chin china chinas chino chinos chins chirm chirms chiro chiros chis choir choirs chon chrism chrisma chrismon chrisom chroma chromas ciao cion cions cis coin coins coir coirs coma comas con coni cons cor coria corm corms corn corns cors cos cosh cram crams crash crimson cris ha hair hairs ham hams hansom hao harm harmin harmins harmonic harms has hi hic him hin hins his hisn hm ho hoar hoars hon hons hora horas horn horns ich ichor ichors ichs icon icons ihram ihrams in inarch inarm inarms inch inro ins ion ions iron irons is ism ma mac mach macho machos machs macon macons macro macron macrons macros macs main mains mair mairs man manic manics manioc maniocs mano manor manors manos mans mar marc march marcs marish mars marsh mas mascon mash mason masonic mho mhos mi mica micas micra micro micron microns micros mina minas minor minorca minorcas minors mir mirs mis miso mo moa moan moans moas moc mocha mochas mocs mohair mohairs moira mon monarch monarchs monas monish mons mor mora moras morn morns mors mos mosaic mosh na nacho nachos nah nam naoi naos narc narcism narco narcos narcs naric naris nim nims no noh noir noirs nom noma nomarch nomarchs nomas noms nor nori noria norias noris norm norms nos nosh oar oars oca ocas oh ohia ohias ohm ohmic ohms ohs om omniarch oms on ons or ora orach orc orca orcas orchis orcin orcins orcs ornis ors os osar osmic rachis racism racon racons rah rain rains ram rami rams ramson ran ranch rancho ranchos rani ranis ransom ras rash rhino rhinos rho rhos ria rias rich rim rims rin rins roach roam roams roan roans roc rocs rom roman romans roms rosin sac sain sari sarin scam scan scar schmo scion scoria scorn scram scrim sh sha shairn sham sharn shim shin shmo shoran shorn shri si sic sim sima simar sin sinh sir smirch so soar socman som soma son sonar sonic sora sori sorn sri

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