Definitions of gage

The word gage uses 4 letters:aegg.

GAGE is playable in:

Words With Friends8
Scrabble US6
Scrabble UK6

n. - A pledge or pawn; something laid down or given as a security for the performance of some act by the person depositing it, and forfeited by nonperformance; security. 2

n. - A glove, cap, or the like, cast on the ground as a challenge to combat, and to be taken up by the accepter of the challenge; a challenge; a defiance. 2

n. - A variety of plum; as, the greengage; also, the blue gage, frost gage, golden gage, etc., having more or less likeness to the greengage. See Greengage. 2

n. - To give or deposit as a pledge or security for some act; to wage or wager; to pawn or pledge. 2

n. - To bind by pledge, or security; to engage. 2

n. - A measure or standard. See Gauge, n. 2

v. t. - To measure. See Gauge, v. t. 2

- A wedge with a graduated edge, to measure the width of a space into which it is thrust. 2

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