Definitions of faint

The word faint uses 5 letters:afint.

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superl. - Lacking strength; weak; languid; inclined to swoon; as, faint with fatigue, hunger, or thirst. 2

superl. - Wanting in courage, spirit, or energy; timorous; cowardly; dejected; depressed; as, "Faint heart ne'er won fair lady." 2

superl. - Lacking distinctness; hardly perceptible; striking the senses feebly; not bright, or loud, or sharp, or forcible; weak; as, a faint color, or sound. 2

superl. - Performed, done, or acted, in a weak or feeble manner; not exhibiting vigor, strength, or energy; slight; as, faint efforts; faint resistance. 2

n. - The act of fainting, or the state of one who has fainted; a swoon. [R.] See Fainting, n. 2

v. i. - To become weak or wanting in vigor; to grow feeble; to lose strength and color, and the control of the bodily or mental functions; to swoon; -- sometimes with away. See Fainting, n. 2

n. - To sink into dejection; to lose courage or spirit; to become depressed or despondent. 2

n. - To decay; to disappear; to vanish. 2

v. t. - To cause to faint or become dispirited; to depress; to weaken. 2

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s - faints10

g - fating12

n - infant11

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