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The word dress uses 5 letters:derss.

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v. t. - To direct; to put right or straight; to regulate; to order. 2

v. t. - To arrange in exact continuity of line, as soldiers; commonly to adjust to a straight line and at proper distance; to align; as, to dress the ranks. 2

v. t. - To treat methodically with remedies, bandages, or curative appliances, as a sore, an ulcer, a wound, or a wounded or diseased part. 2

v. t. - To adjust; to put in good order; to arrange; specifically: (a) To prepare for use; to fit for any use; to render suitable for an intended purpose; to get ready; as, to dress a slain animal; to dress meat; to dress leather or cloth; to dress or trim a lamp; to dress a garden; to dress a horse, by currying and rubbing; to dress grain, by cleansing it; in mining and metallurgy, to dress ores, by sorting and separating them. 2

v. t. - To cut to proper dimensions, or give proper shape to, as to a tool by hammering; also, to smooth or finish. 2

v. t. - To put in proper condition by appareling, as the body; to put clothes upon; to apparel; to invest with garments or rich decorations; to clothe; to deck. 2

v. t. - To break and train for use, as a horse or other animal. 2

v. i. - To arrange one's self in due position in a line of soldiers; -- the word of command to form alignment in ranks; as, Right, dress! 2

v. i. - To clothe or apparel one's self; to put on one's garments; to pay particular regard to dress; as, to dress quickly. 2

n. - That which is used as the covering or ornament of the body; clothes; garments; habit; apparel. 2

n. - A lady's gown; as, silk or a velvet dress. 2

n. - Attention to apparel, or skill in adjusting it. 2

n. - The system of furrows on the face of a millstone. 2


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