Definitions of dread

The word dread uses 5 letters:adder.

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v. t. - To fear in a great degree; to regard, or look forward to, with terrific apprehension. 2

v. i. - To be in dread, or great fear. 2

n. - Great fear in view of impending evil; fearful apprehension of danger; anticipatory terror. 2

n. - Reverential or respectful fear; awe. 2

n. - An object of terrified apprehension. 2

n. - A person highly revered. 2

n. - Fury; dreadfulness. 2

n. - Doubt; as, out of dread. 2

a. - Exciting great fear or apprehension; causing terror; frightful; dreadful. 2

a. - Inspiring with reverential fear; awful' venerable; as, dread sovereign; dread majesty; dread tribunal. 2


Direct anagrams of dread

adder7 dared7 readd7