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The word dope uses 4 letters:deop.

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n. - Any thick liquid or pasty preparation, as of opium for medicinal purposes, of grease for a lubricant, etc. 2

n. - Any preparation, as of opium, used to stupefy or, in the case of a race horse, to stimulate. 2

n. - An absorbent material; esp., in high explosives, the sawdust, infusorial earth, mica, etc., mixed with nitroglycerin to make a damp powder (dynamite, etc.) less dangerous to transport, and ordinarily explosive only by suitable fulminating caps. 2

n. - Information concerning the previous performances of race horses, or other facts concerning them which may be of assistance in judging of their chances of winning future races; sometimes, similar information concerning other sports. 2

v. t. - To treat or affect with dope; as, to dope nitroglycerin; 2

v. t. - To give stupefying drugs to; to drug. 2

v. t. - To administer a stimulant to (a horse) to increase his speed. It is a serious offense against the laws of racing. 2

v. t. - To judge or guess; to predict the result of, as by the aid of dope. 2


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