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The word dial uses 4 letters:adil.

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n. - An instrument, formerly much used for showing the time of day from the shadow of a style or gnomon on a graduated arc or surface; esp., a sundial; but there are lunar and astral dials. The style or gnomon is usually parallel to the earth's axis, but the dial plate may be either horizontal or vertical. 2

n. - The graduated face of a timepiece, on which the time of day is shown by pointers or hands. 2

n. - A miner's compass. 2

v. t. - To measure with a dial. 2

v. t. - To survey with a dial. 2

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e - ailed7 ideal7

c - alcid10

g - algid9

y - daily9

s - dials7

r - drail7 laird7 liard7 lidar7

u - dulia8

h - halid9

i - iliad7

n - nidal8

p - plaid10

t - tidal7

v - valid11

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