Definitions of cop

The word cop uses 3 letters:cop.

COP is playable in:

Words With Friends9
Scrabble US7
Scrabble UK7

n. - The top of a thing; the head; a crest. 2

n. - A conical or conical-ended mass of coiled thread, yarn, or roving, wound upon a spindle, etc. 2

n. - A tube or quill upon which silk is wound. 2

n. - Same as Merlon. 2

n. - A policeman. 2


Unscramble words found within cop

Words formed by adding one letter

a - capo10

h - chop12

l - clop11

m - comp13

o - coop10 poco10

e - cope10

s - cops10 scop10

y - copy12

u - coup11

r - crop10

k - pock14

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