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Definitions of clasper
n. - One who, or that which, clasps, as a tendril. 2
n. - One of a pair of organs used by the male for grasping the female among many of the Crustacea. 2
n. - One of a pair of male copulatory organs, developed on the anterior side of the ventral fins of sharks and other elasmobranchs. See Illust. of Chimaera. 2

The word "clasper" uses 7 letters: A C E L P R S.

Direct anagrams of clasper:
  carpels   parcels   placers   reclasp   scalper

Words formed by adding one letter before or after clasper (in bold), or to acelprs in any order:
e -   percales   replaces   i -   calipers   replicas   spiracle   m -   clampers   p -   clappers   scrapple   s -   claspers   reclasps   scalpers   t -   sceptral   spectral   u -   specular  

Shorter words found within clasper:
ace   aces   acre   acres   ae   al   ale   alec   alecs   ales   alp   alps   als   ape   aper   apers   apes   apres   apse   ar   arc   arcs   are   ares   arles   ars   arse   as   asp   asper   cap   cape   caper   capers   capes   caps   car   care   cares   carl   carle   carles   carls   carp   carpel   carps   cars   carse   case   cel   cels   cep   ceps   clap   claps   clasp   clear   clears   crap   crape   crapes   craps   ear   earl   earls   ears   el   els   er   era   eras   ers   es   escar   escarp   la   lac   lace   lacer   lacers   laces   lacs   lap   laps   lapse   lapser   lar   lares   lars   las   lase   laser   lea   leap   leaps   lear   lears   leas   pa   pac   pace   pacer   pacers   paces   pacs   pal   pale   paler   pales   pals   par   parcel   pare   pares   parle   parles   pars   parse   parsec   pas   pase   pe   pea   peal   peals   pear   pearl   pearls   pears   peas   pec   pecs   per   pes   place   placer   places   plea   pleas   prase   presa   race   races   rale   rales   rap   rape   rapes   raps   ras   rase   rasp   re   real   reals   reap   reaps   rec   recap   recaps   recs   rep   reps   res   sac   sae   sal   sale   salep   salp   sap   scale   scaler   scalp   scape   scar   scare   scarp   sclera   scrap   scrape   sea   seal   sear   sec   secpar   sel   sepal   ser   sera   serac   seral   slap   spa   space   spacer   spae   spale   spar   spare   spear   spec  

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