Definitions of bel

The word bel uses 3 letters:bel.

BEL is playable in:

Words With Friends7
Scrabble US5
Scrabble UK5

n. - The Babylonian name of the god known among the Hebrews as Baal. See Baal. 2

n. - A thorny rutaceous tree (Aegle marmelos) of India, and its aromatic, orange-like fruit; -- called also Bengal quince, golden apple, wood apple. The fruit is used medicinally, and the rind yields a perfume and a yellow dye. 2

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w - blew11

p - pleb11

b - bleb11

u - blue9 lube9

d - bled9

l - bell9

t - belt8 blet8

s - bels8

o - lobe8 bole8

i - bile8

a - blae8 bale8 able8

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