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Definitions of assoilment

The word "assoilment" uses 10 letters: aeilmnosst.

n. - Act of assoiling, or state of being assoiled; absolution; acquittal. 2

n. - A soiling; defilement. 2

Words formed by adding one letter before or after assoilment (in bold), or to aeilmnosst in any order:

s - assoilments

Shorter words found within assoilment

ae aeon aeons ai ail ails aim aimless aims ain ains ais aisle aisles al ale ales alien aliens aline alines alme almes alms aloe aloes aloin aloins alone als also am amen amens ami amie amies amin amine amines amino amins amis amiss amnio amnios amole amoles an ane anemosis anes ani anil anile anils anime animes anis anise anises anisole anisoles anole anoles anomie anomies as ass assoil el elain elains elan elans elm elms eloin eloins els em email emails ems en enol enols enosis ens eolian eon eonism eonisms eons eosin eosins es ess essoin ilea in ins inseam inseams insole insoles ion ions is isle isles ism isms la lain lam lame lames laminose lams lane lanes lanose las lase lases lass lassie lasso lea lean leans leas lei leis leman lemans lemon lemons lenis leno lenos lens lesion lesions less lesson li liane lianes lie lien liens lies lima liman limans limas lime limen limens limes limn limns limo limos lin line lines lino linos lins lion lioness lions lis lissom lissome lo loam loams loan loans loess loin loins lomein lomeins lone lose loses loss ma mae maes mail maile mailes mails main mains male males maline malines malison malisons man mane manes manless mano manos mans manse manses mas mason masons mass masse me meal meals mean means mel melon melons mels men menial menials meno mensa mensal mensas mesa mesas mesial mesian meson mesons mess messan mi mien miens mil mile miles milo milos mils mina minae minas mine mines mioses mis mise mises miso misos miss missal missel mo moa moan moans moas moil moils mol mola molas mole moles molies moline mols mon monas monie monies mons mos moss na nae nail nails nam name names naoi naos ne nema nemas ness nil nils nim nims no noel noels noes noesis noil noils noise noises nom noma nomas nome nomes noms nos nose noses oases oasis oe oes oil oilman oilmen oils ole olea olein oleins oles om omen omens oms on one ones ons os ose oses ossa ossein ossia sae sail sails sain sains sal sale sales saline salines salmi salmis salmon salmons salon salons sals same samiel samiels samisen sane sanes sanies sans sansei sasin sea seal seals seam seams seas season sei seis seism seismal sel sels semi semina seminal semis semolina sen sensa si sial sials silane silanes silo silos sim sima simas simnel simnels sims sin sine sines sins sis sisal slain slam slams slim slime slimes slims sloe sloes smile smiles snail snails so soil soils sol sola solan solans sole solei solemn soles soli sols som soma somas some son sone sones sons sonsie sos

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