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The word arm uses 3 letters:amr.

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n. - The limb of the human body which extends from the shoulder to the hand; also, the corresponding limb of a monkey. 2

n. - Anything resembling an arm 2

n. - The fore limb of an animal, as of a bear. 2

n. - A limb, or locomotive or prehensile organ, of an invertebrate animal. 2

n. - A branch of a tree. 2

n. - A slender part of an instrument or machine, projecting from a trunk, axis, or fulcrum; as, the arm of a steelyard. 2

n. - The end of a yard; also, the part of an anchor which ends in the fluke. 2

n. - An inlet of water from the sea. 2

n. - A support for the elbow, at the side of a chair, the end of a sofa, etc. 2

n. - Fig.: Power; might; strength; support; as, the secular arm; the arm of the law. 2

n. - A branch of the military service; as, the cavalry arm was made efficient. 2

n. - A weapon of offense or defense; an instrument of warfare; -- commonly in the pl. 2

v. t. - To take by the arm; to take up in one's arms. 2

v. t. - To furnish with arms or limbs. 2

v. t. - To furnish or equip with weapons of offense or defense; as, to arm soldiers; to arm the country. 2

v. t. - To cover or furnish with a plate, or with whatever will add strength, force, security, or efficiency; as, to arm the hit of a sword; to arm a hook in angling. 2

v. t. - Fig.: To furnish with means of defense; to prepare for resistance; to fortify, in a moral sense. 2

v. i. - To provide one's self with arms, weapons, or means of attack or resistance; to take arms. 2

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mar6 ram6

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Words formed by adding one letter

i - amir7 mair7 rami7

s - arms7 mars7 rams7

y - army9

u - arum8 mura8

b - barm10

c - cram10 marc10

d - dram8

f - farm10

g - gram9

h - harm9

a - maar7

e - mare7 ream7

k - mark11

l - marl8

t - mart7 tram7

o - mora7 roam7

p - pram10 ramp10

w - warm10

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