Definitions of affection

The word affection uses 9 letters:aceffinot.

AFFECTION is playable in:

Words With Friends19
Scrabble US17
Scrabble UK17

n. - The act of affecting or acting upon; the state of being affected. 2

n. - An attribute; a quality or property; a condition; a bodily state; as, figure, weight, etc. , are affections of bodies. 2

n. - Bent of mind; a feeling or natural impulse or natural impulse acting upon and swaying the mind; any emotion; as, the benevolent affections, esteem, gratitude, etc.; the malevolent affections, hatred, envy, etc.; inclination; disposition; propensity; tendency. 2

n. - A settled good will; kind feeling; love; zealous or tender attachment; -- often in the pl. Formerly followed by to, but now more generally by for or towards; as, filial, social, or conjugal affections; to have an affection for or towards children. 2

n. - Prejudice; bias. 2

n. - Disease; morbid symptom; malady; as, a pulmonary affection. 2

n. - The lively representation of any emotion. 2

n. - Affectation. 2

n. - Passion; violent emotion. 2

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