Definitions of ae

The word ae uses 2 letters:ae.

AE is playable in:

Words With Friends2
Scrabble US2
Scrabble UK2

- Alt. of Ae 2

- A diphthong in the Latin language; used also by the Saxon writers. It answers to the Gr. ai. The Anglo-Saxon short ae was generally replaced by a, the long / by e or ee. In derivatives from Latin words with ae, it is mostly superseded by e. For most words found with this initial combination, the reader will therefore search under the letter E. 2

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Words found within ae through unscramble

No unscramble words found in Words With Friends word list.

Words formed by adding one letter

c - ace6

g - age5 gae5

l - ale4 lea4

n - ane4 nae4

p - ape6 pea6

r - are3 ear3 era3

t - ate3 eat3 eta3 tae3 tea3

v - ave7

w - awe6 wae6

x - axe10

y - aye5 yea5

u - eau4

h - hae5

k - kae7 kea7

m - mae6

s - sae3 sea3

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