To put a blank into your rack, enter space or dotTo add an existing word, tap a tile and then tap the 'plus' icon on top

How to support the Scrabble word finder

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How to use the Scrabble word finder

First turn

If there are already words on the board, skip to the next section.

  1. Enter your rack in the box above and tap "Suggest"
  2. The app will show the played tiles on the board. If the algorithm used one of your blank tiles (if any), tap the tiles with a dot (= blank) to obtain the real underlying letter.
  3. Tap the checkmark icon in the header to accept the move. The app will add the tiles to the board and remove all used tiles from your rack automatically.

Subsequent turns

  1. Tap a tile within the board
  2. Tap the plus icon in the header
  3. A dialog will pop up. Enter the word and the direction it is facing. Make sure it fulfills the necessary constraints. The app helps you, of course. Now tap "Add Word".
  4. Repeat this process for all words on the board.
  5. Finally, enter your rack and tap "Suggest". That's it! Now you are ready for receiving the very best suggestions based on the existing words and your rack!

About the Interactive Scrabble Word Finder

We are not exaggerating when we call this app the ultimate Scrabble cheat, because it truly is. There is not a single comparable app on the World Wide Web today.

You might think this is a bold claim, considering that there are so many Scrabble word finder and Words with Friends word finder apps out there. However, finding words within your rack is only half of the job, dare I say, a quarter of the job done. You still need to select the most optimal spot on the Scrabble board or Words with Friends board and you need to make sure the new word overlaps or extends an existing one on the board. You also need to take bonus tiles and possible bingo (i.e. use all seven tiles) plays into account. And to top it off, you cannot place a tile next to a letter without the whole thing being a valid word.

MoreWords' interactive Scrabble cheat supports all that. It has full support for bonus tiles, that means it will always pick the most optimal play in the current situation.

This app also supports blank tiles, which really ups the complexity of any Scrabble word finder or Words with Friends word finder algorithm, let alone a full-fledged placement algorithm. Our team of technical experts makes it possible, at light-speed performance!

Of course the visual Scrabble cheat also supports bingos. Remember, a bingo is rewarded whenever a player uses seven tiles in a single turn. In Scrabble, it is worth 50 points and in Words with Friends it is worth 35 points. This makes it possible for our app to suggest moves which are over 100 points in value! A feat unimaginable with other Scrabble word finder tools on the web. We can make it happen.

Last but not least, our app also supports placing tiles next to other tiles. The difficulty in doing that is - while it rewards you massive amount of points by reusing words on the board - ensuring that the newly formed word is valid. Many Scrabble players thus fear of doing such complex moves in order not to get challenged. However, this is a piece of cake for our Scrabble word finder help.

The problem with ordinary Scrabble word finder tools

You probably already used other Scrabble cheat tools on the web. There are plentiful. But they have several problems which greatly limits their usefulness for real life Scrabble games. We built the ultimate Scrabble cheat with only one goal: to provide an actually useful Scrabble word finder.

The first problem with ordinary Scrabble word finder apps is that they have zero context about your game or the Scrabble board / Words with Friends board itself. Which means they cannot possibly determine which words are the best to play, because they do not have access to bonus tile locations or locations of the other words. One of our visual Scrabble cheat's key features is providing a REAL Scrabble or Words with Friends board with bonus tiles and the ability to place words on it just like in your REAL game.

Another problem is the lack of focused results. Imagine you are close to the edge of the Scrabble board. Obviously, those Scrabble word finder tools have no idea about that fact and will simply show you the longest words that you can form from your rack. This is not useful at all. We at MoreWords take the boundaries of the board into account and will exclusively show you valid moves you can form. This makes our tool the most focused Scrabble word finder on the planet.

Not unsignificant is the inability of other Scrabble cheat tools to find adjacent valid words. In the opinion of our team of Scrabble experts, the most important move is not actually just playing a word - it is playing a word that can form lots of other words in the same turn. This is how you can maximize your total score with Scrabble word finder tools. Unfortunately, all of the other Scrabble cheat apps out there cannot support this, so you have to tediously check whether you can place the word yourself. This is inconvenient and a waste of your valuable time. With MoreWords' interactive Scrabble word finder, you can wave all those tools goodbye and get up to 100 points in a singular turn! Yes, you heard correctly!

The probably biggest problem is invalid results and the lack of support for blank tiles. Most Scrabble word finder tools out there do not support blank tiles and if they do, they cannot calculate the score of the results correctly. That can lead to you playing a word with a blank tile, although it would be a waste of the most powerful letter in the entire Scrabble game at this moment in time. Screw that! Our Scrabble cheat ensures that your blank tiles are not wasted like that - and will actively try to retain them where possible and applicable.

Oh, and needless to mention, but of course our Scrabble cheat always provides accurate scores for every word you play, because we know the existing words and bonus tiles upfront. Never lose a Scrabble game ever again with the ultimate Scrabble word finder from MoreWords!


Our interactive Scrabble word finder algorithm is penetration-tested. We checked whether it could suggest moves that survive a challenge for one hundred million times. And guess what: it did. Not once did it suggest an invalid move!

Therefore we provide a strong guarantee that our visual Scrabble word finder always suggests correct moves - without an exception! However, that's not how the world really works, so in case you do find yourself in the very unlikely situation of getting challenged and the challenge being accepted by Scrabble - please use the feedback button above and enter your message and email. We will answer as soon as possible. Screenshot your board so you can send it to us later, please.

Visual Scrabble cheat features

This app - some may call it The Ultimate Scrabble Word Finder or The Ultimate Scrabble Cheat - has many features which makes playing and also strategizing in Scrabble one of the best experiences on the World Wide Web today. We did our best to list them all.

Interactive Scrabble Board

The interactive Scrabble word finder is modelled after an actual Scrabble board, as such it contains all bonus tiles. Once a letter is placed on a bonus tile, it disappears. Just like in the real Scrabble game. The board is big, so it can be tricky for mobile users to navigate it. However, before adding a word, you have to tap a tile on the board and it shows an indicator which tile you just selected. Bonus fields and existing letters help you navigate around the board pretty easily.

Adding words

You can add all words on the board. It is important that you enter the tiles exactly where they are in the real Scrabble game you are playing right now. This ensures that our placement algorithm can suggest the correct and best move possible.

Undo and redo

Sometimes it can happen that you place a word in the wrong spot or accept a move you did not mean to accept. For these cases, we provide an undo and redo button. Manually removing the tiles from the visual Scrabble word finder can be tedious, but the undo function does all that for you!

Challenge opponent

Manually checking your opponent's move and deciding whether or not to challenge them is both tedious and risky. The Ultimate Scrabble Cheat removes both of these concerns. Tap the checkmark icon (when not currently requesting a suggestion) at the top of the page and enter all words your opponent claims to play in their turn. A checkmark or cross symbol next to the textbox indicates the validity of that word for your game. For now, this is just a rudimentary word check, partially because it's very simple to do for you as a player. In the future, however, we may offer a more fancy version of this feature, with score checks and other benefits.

Words with Friends support

All you Words with Friends players out there, fret not! Of course the Interactive Scrabble Cheat is also available for Words with Friends. You had an option to choose it when first visiting this page, but you can switch to it afterwards by tapping the "Settings" button near just under the visual board itself. Supporting Words with Friends was especially important to me, knowing that it is dry out there for Scrabble word finder tools and such for WWF players. Of course, the board layout is modelled after a real WWF board, which allows for some crazy moves due to its bonus tile layout.

Saving your progress

MoreWords' Interactive Scrabble Board saves all your progress whenever you add a word, play a move or undo/redo an action. This is especially important for strategists using this tool to experiment with possible plays, wanting to take a break from their research. If you want to reset the entire board, tap the reset icon at the top of the page.

Scrabble strategy

The primary intent of this app was not to be the ultimate Scrabble cheat, but a way to determine most optimal plays in specific situations. As you know, our team consists of very dedicated Scrabble and also Words with Friends players, and we were simply interested in building a tool that could spare us some mental work (and sanity, of course 😉). We thought it might also be useful to other strategists out there, so we decided to put it on MoreWords. The tool is obviously not an AI or fancy machine learning program, so it cannot foresee if a worse move might be good now for later benefit, nor is it possible to do well - your opponent is human, after all. So you might want to purposefully exclude some tiles from the rack before tapping "Suggest". Good luck and have fun!

Adjacent tiles

We have talked about this feature several times before, but we cannot emphasize the importance (and difficulty 🙄) of the Interactive Scrabble Board having the ability to handle this matter. It is probably the most important play to do in terms of optimizing plays for maximum point gain. Not only because you can form more words and reuse their score this way (or potentially even double or triple this score with bonus tiles), but also because the likelihood of playing seven tiles and thus getting a bingo increases dramatically. Ask the Scrabble experts out there - without this, your chances of getting a bingo are pretty much zero. Yet, with this being said, no tool out there supports this in an automated way. We are extremely proud to be the only Scrabble cheat out there to support and visualize placing adjacent tiles!

Move preview

As you know, a dialog pops up after you requested a suggestion. This dialog displays in-depth information about your move. It displays how many tiles you used, how much your total score is and how much the score of each individual word is, bonuses applied. In the future, we might add even more information to this dialog. If you have a suggestion on how to improve the Scrabble cheat move preview, please tap the feedback button just under the visual board itself. We are grateful for every idea you provide.

Reused tiles

For your convenience and navigation purposes, we paint reused tiles in a different color. This helps tremendously when placing many tiles and forming a lot of different words through adjacent tiles.

Dark and light theme

We made a real effort to make the user experience as good as possible. By default, the app is in dark mode, so if you use it at night (which is very likely) you protect your eyes. We dim all colors while keeping the important stuff well within your sight. Some people however get a headache when viewing dark themes. So we also provide a light theme that you can switch to in the settings. Simply tap the "Select" button just under the interactive board and select your preferred theme!

Light-speed performance

Our technical experts really achieved the unimaginable here. We manage to give you the absolute best Scrabble cheat move in mere milliseconds. Considering the complexity of this feature, this is simply unrivaled!

Frequently Asked Questions

I chose the wrong game

Please use the settings button which you can find just underneath the interactive Scrabble board itself.

I prefer a light theme

Please use the settings button which you can find just underneath the interactive Scrabble board itself. You can pick either dark or light mode there.

I cannot add a word

You must select a tile on the visual Scrabble board first. You will see a white border (in dark mode, black border in light mode) once you tapped a tile on the board as an indicator. Then you should be able to press the 'plus' icon.

I do not want to use a letter in my rack

Please treat this letter as if it is not on your actual rack and remove it from the textbox above the board.

It says it did not find a suggestion

That can happen if in the rare case there is no possible move at the moment. In such a case - as described in the dialog popping up - replace your entire rack or skip a turn.

What is my blank tile letter?

After the interactive Scrabble word finder suggested you a move, it shows all staging tiles in the visual board itself. To retrieve the blank tile's letter, simply tap on it and a dialog pops up telling you the letter.

I cannot add a word with a blank

Yes, you need to know the blank tile representation. Most Scrabble game implementations don't put the burden on you to remember them. In case they do, simply write them down. For the algorithm to work, it absolutely requires the real letters so it can produce valid words.

How can I check my opponent's words?

Tap the checkmark symbol on top of the app to check your opponent's words in a bulk in no-time.

How can I undo my action?

This wouldn't be the ultimate Scrabble word finder if it couldn't revert the words you just added or the move you accepted. Simply tap the undo button, which is represented by an arrow pointing left. If you changed your mind, tap the redo button afterwards, which is represented by an arrow pointing right.

How can I delete everything?

Tap the reset button, which is represented by a circle with an arrow. This removes all tiles currently on your board. This action is performed automatically at your convenience if you, for example, switch from playing Words with Friends to a Scrabble game and are in dire need of a Scrabble cheat.

I don't like the suggested move

If you feel like you do not want to play the suggested move, simply reject the move by pressing the cross icon on top of the page. The visual Scrabble board is then kept in the state it was before.

I want to navigate to the original MoreWords

In case you want to use some of MoreWords' other functionality, click the 'MW' icon in the top-left corner on top of the page. This will take you back to the home page.

How to input a blank?

Enter a space or dot character. Space characters are automatically transformed to dots. This is one of the key features of the ultimate Scrabble word finder.