Hook Words for 15 letter words starting with T

tachyarrhythmia : tachyarrhythmias32

technostructure : technostructures27

teratocarcinoma : teratocarcinomas26

tetrahydrofuran : tetrahydrofurans26

tetramethyllead : tetramethylleads26

thermoperiodism : thermoperiodisms28

thermoregulator : thermoregulators25 thermoregulatory27

thermoremanence : thermoremanences29

thromboembolism : thromboembolisms34

thyrocalcitonin : thyrocalcitonins29

totalitarianism : totalitarianisms21

totalitarianize : totalitarianized28 totalitarianizes27

transfiguration : transfigurations24

transilluminate : transilluminated25 transilluminates24

transliteration : transliterations19

transmissometer : transmissometers23

transplantation : transplantations23

trifluoperazine : trifluoperazines34

trinitrotoluene : trinitrotoluenes20

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