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Words formed from any letters in waif, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

s -   waifs

4 letters

a -   waif

d -   wadi

e -   wife

f -   waff   waif

i -   waif

k -   kaif

l -   alif   fail   fila   flaw   wail

n -   fain   fawn   naif   wain

r -   fair   fiar   wair

t -   fiat   waft   wait

w -   waif

3 letters

a -   awa

b -   fib   wab

c -   caw

d -   aid   daw   fad   fid   wad

e -   awe   few   fie   wae

f -   aff   iff

g -   fag   fig   wag   wig

h -   haw   wha

j -   jaw

k -   kaf   kif

l -   ail   awl   fil   law

m -   aim   ami   maw

n -   ain   ani   awn   fan   fin   naw   wan   win

o -   oaf

p -   paw   pia   wap

r -   air   arf   far   fir   raw   ria   rif   war

s -   ais   fas   ifs   saw   was   wis

t -   aft   ait   fat   fit   taw   twa   wat   wit

v -   vaw   via

w -   waw

x -   fax   fix   wax

y -   fay   way   yaw

z -   fiz   wiz

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