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Words formed from any letters in uric, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

a -   auric   curia

e -   curie   ureic

n -   incur   runic

o -   curio

4 letters

b -   crib   curb

c -   uric

d -   crud   curd   duci

e -   cire   cure   ecru   rice

f -   cuif   curf   fuci

h -   huic   rich

i -   uric

k -   rick   ruck

l -   curl

n -   curn   ruin   unci

o -   coir

p -   puri

r -   curr   uric

s -   cris   crus   curs

t -   curt

u -   uric

x -   crux

3 letters

a -   air   arc   car   ria

b -   bur   cub   rib   rub   urb

c -   cur

d -   cud   dui   rid   urd

e -   cue   ecu   ice   ire   rec   rei   rue

f -   fir   fur   rif

g -   cig   rig   rug

h -   chi   hic   ich

k -   ick   irk   kir

m -   cum   mir   rim   rum

n -   rin   run   urn

o -   cor   orc   our   roc

p -   cup   pic   piu   pur   rip

r -   cur

s -   cis   sic   sir   sri

t -   cut   rut   tic   tui

u -   cur

y -   cry   icy

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