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Words formed from any letters in swevens, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

a -   avenses   waeness

e -   swevens

f -   fewness

i -   newsies

n -   newness   swevens

o -   woeness

r -   swerves

s -   swevens

t -   wetness

v -   swevens

w -   swevens

6 letters

a -   seesaw   sewans   veenas   weaves

c -   censes   scenes

d -   sensed   swedes

e -   sevens   sweven

g -   venges

h -   sheens   sneesh   wheens

i -   envies   newies   newsie   nieves   seines   sieves   sinews   swives

k -   skeens   skenes

l -   lenses   lessen   newels   selves   vessel

m -   menses   mesnes   semens

n -   sevens   sweven

o -   sowens   venose   wovens

p -   spense   sweeps

r -   nerves   renews   resewn   resews   serves   severs   sewers   sneers   swerve   verses

s -   nesses   senses   sevens   sweven

t -   events   newest   sweets   tenses

u -   ensues   unsews   venues

v -   sevens   sweven

w -   sweven

y -   sweeny   weensy

5 letters

a -   avens   eases   eaves   naves   sanes   saves   sensa   sewan   snaws   swans   vanes   vases   veena   venae   wanes   waves   weans   weave

b -   benes

c -   cense   scene

d -   denes   dense   needs   seeds   sends   sewed   sneds   swede   vends   weeds   wends

e -   evens   neves   sense   seven   weens

f -   fesse

g -   genes   ngwee   venge

h -   sheen   shewn   shews   wheen   whens

i -   newie   nieve   seine   seise   sieve   sines   sinew   swine   swive   veins   views   vines   vises   wines   wises   wives

j -   jesse

k -   keens   knees   seeks   skeen   skees   skene   skews   weeks

l -   elves   lenes   lense   newel   seels   slews

m -   mense   mesne   neems   seems   semen   semes   smews

n -   evens   nenes   neves   sense   seven   weens

o -   enows   noses   ovens   owsen   snows   sones   woven

p -   neeps   peens   penes   seeps   spews   sweep   veeps   weeps

r -   ernes   erses   ewers   nerve   never   newer   renew   resew   seers   seres   serve   sever   sewer   sneer   sweer   veers   verse   wrens

s -   esses   evens   neves   sense   seven   weens

t -   event   nests   newts   sente   stews   sweet   teens   tense   tween   vents   vests   weest   weets   wests

u -   ensue   nevus   unsew   venue

v -   evens   neves   seven

w -   weens

x -   sexes   vexes

y -   newsy   snyes   weeny   yeses

4 letters

a -   anes   anew   aves   awee   awes   awns   ease   eave   nave   sane   sans   save   sawn   saws   seas   snaw   swan   vane   vans   vase   vaws   vena   waes   wane   wans   wave   wean

b -   been   bees   bene   bens   nebs   webs

c -   cees   cess   secs

d -   dees   dene   dens   devs   dews   ends   need   seed   send   sned   vend   weds   weed   wend

e -   eses   even   eves   ewes   ness   neve   news   seen   sees   sene   sewn   sews   vees   ween   wees   wens

f -   fees   fens   fess

g -   engs   gees   gene   gens   segs

h -   hens   hewn   hews   shes   shew   whee   when

i -   nevi   seis   sine   sins   vein   vies   view   vine   vise   wine   wins   wise   wiss   wive

j -   jees   jess   jews

k -   ekes   keen   kens   knee   knew   seek   skee   skew   week

l -   eels   else   lees   lens   less   seel   sels   slew   weel

m -   emes   mess   mews   neem   seem   seme   smew

n -   even   nene   ness   neve   news   seen   sene   sewn   ween   wens

o -   enow   eons   noes   nose   nows   ones   oses   oven   owes   owns   owse   snow   sone   sons   sown   sows   voes   vows   woes   wons   wove

p -   neep   peen   pees   pens   pews   seep   spew   veep   weep

r -   erne   erns   ever   ewer   rees   revs   seer   sere   sers   veer   weer   were   wren

s -   eses   eves   ewes   ness   news   seen   sees   sene   sewn   sews   vees   wees   wens

t -   nest   nets   newt   sent   sets   stew   teen   tees   tens   tews   twee   vent   vest   vets   weet   went   west   wets

u -   sues   suns   uses   wuss

v -   even   eves   neve   vees

w -   ewes   news   sewn   sews   ween   wees   wens

x -   exes

y -   envy   eyen   eyes   eyne   snye   syne   wyes   wyns   yens   yews

z -   zees

3 letters

a -   ane   ass   ave   awe   awn   nae   naw   sae   saw   sea   van   vas   vaw   wae   wan   was

b -   bee   ben   neb   web

c -   cee   sec

d -   dee   den   dev   dew   eds   end   wed

e -   ens   ess   eve   ewe   nee   new   see   sen   sew   vee   wee   wen

f -   efs   fee   fen   few

g -   eng   gee   gen   seg   veg

h -   hen   hes   hew   she

i -   ins   sei   sin   sis   vie   vis   win   wis

j -   jee   jew

k -   eke   ken

l -   eel   els   lee   lev   sel

m -   eme   ems   men   mew

n -   ens   nee   new   sen   wen

o -   eon   nos   now   oes   one   ons   ose   owe   own   son   sos   sow   voe   vow   woe   won   wos

p -   pee   pen   pes   pew

r -   ere   ern   ers   ree   res   rev   ser

s -   ens   ess   see   sen   sew

t -   net   set   tee   ten   tew   vet   wet

u -   nus   sue   sun   uns   use

v -   eve   vee

w -   ewe   new   sew   wee   wen

x -   sex   vex

y -   eye   syn   wye   wyn   yen   yes   yew

z -   zee

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