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Words formed from any letters in spurts, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

i -   purists   upstirs

o -   sprouts   stupors

6 letters

a -   sprats   straps   stupas   sutras   tarsus   tussar

b -   bursts

c -   crusts

e -   erupts   estrus   prests   purest   purses   russet   setups   sprues   streps   stupes   supers   surest   tusser   upsets

g -   sprugs

h -   hursts

i -   purist   sirups   situps   spirts   sprits   stirps   strips   tsuris   upstir

l -   slurps

m -   strums   stumps   trumps

n -   spurns

o -   rousts   sports   spouts   sprout   stoups   stours   strops   stupor   tossup   tussor   uptoss

p -   spurts

r -   spurts

s -   spurts

t -   spurts   struts   sturts   trusts

u -   spurts   tussur   usurps

w -   wursts

y -   syrups

5 letters

a -   parts   pasts   prats   praus   pruta   rasps   spars   spats   sprat   sputa   stars   strap   stupa   supra   suras   sutra   tarps   traps   trass   tsars

b -   burps   burst   busts   stubs

c -   crust   curst   cusps   scups   scuts

d -   durst   dusts   spuds   studs   surds   turds

e -   erupt   pests   press   prest   purse   puses   rests   ruses   septs   setup   sprue   spues   steps   strep   stupe   suers   suets   super   supes   tress   trues   upset   users

f -   surfs   turfs

g -   gusts   sprug   trugs

h -   hurst   hurts   phuts   ruths   shuts

i -   priss   puris   risus   sirup   situp   situs   spirt   spits   sprit   stirp   stirs   strip   suits   trips

j -   justs

k -   rusks   turks   tusks

l -   lusts   purls   slurp   slurs   sluts

m -   musts   rumps   smuts   strum   stump   stums   sumps   trump   tumps

n -   punts   runts   spurn   stuns   turns

o -   ousts   ports   posts   pours   pouts   pross   prost   roups   roust   routs   sorts   sorus   soups   sours   sport   spots   spout   stops   stoup   stour   strop   torus   tours

p -   spurs   spurt   turps

r -   purrs   rusts   spurs   spurt   truss   turps

s -   rusts   spurs   spurt   truss   turps

t -   putts   rusts   spurt   strut   sturt   truss   trust   turps

u -   rusts   spurs   spurt   truss   turps   usurp

w -   wurst

y -   pursy   pussy   rusty   syrup   yurts

4 letters

a -   arts   asps   pars   part   pass   past   pats   prat   prau   raps   rapt   rasp   rats   saps   spar   spas   spat   star   sura   taps   tarp   tars   tass   taus   trap   tsar   upas   ursa   utas

b -   brut   burp   burs   buss   bust   buts   pubs   rubs   stub   subs   tubs   urbs

c -   crus   cups   curs   curt   cusp   cuss   cuts   scup   scut

d -   dups   dust   puds   spud   stud   suds   surd   turd   urds

e -   erst   pert   pest   pets   pure   reps   rest   rets   rues   ruse   sept   sers   sets   spue   step   suer   sues   suet   supe   sure   true   user   uses

f -   furs   fuss   surf   turf

g -   gust   guts   pugs   rugs   trug   tugs

h -   hurt   huts   phut   push   rhus   rush   ruth   shut   thru   thus   tush

i -   piss   pits   psis   puri   rips   sips   sirs   sits   spit   sris   stir   suit   tips   trip   tuis

j -   just   juts

k -   rusk   tsks   turk   tusk

l -   lust   plus   puls   purl   slur   slut

m -   muss   must   muts   rump   rums   smut   stum   sump   sums   tump   umps

n -   nuts   puns   punt   runs   runt   spun   stun   suns   tuns   turn   urns

o -   opts   opus   orts   ours   oust   outs   port   post   pots   pour   pout   pros   rots   roup   rout   sops   sort   sots   soup   sour   sous   spot   stop   tops   tors   toss   tour   trop

p -   psst   pups   purs   puss   puts   spur   sups   tups

q -   suqs

r -   purr   purs   rust   ruts   spur

s -   psst   purs   puss   puts   rust   ruts   spur   sups   suss   tups

t -   psst   puts   putt   rust   ruts   tups   tuts

u -   purs   puss   puts   rust   ruts   spur   sups   tups   urus

w -   wuss

y -   spry   yups   yurt

z -   putz

3 letters

a -   apt   ars   art   asp   ass   par   pas   pat   rap   ras   rat   sap   sat   sau   spa   tap   tar   tas   tau   uta

b -   bur   bus   but   pub   rub   sub   tub   urb

c -   cup   cur   cut

d -   dup   pud   urd

e -   ers   ess   per   pes   pet   rep   res   ret   rue   ser   set   sue   use

f -   fur

g -   gut   pug   rug   tug

h -   hup   hut   pht

i -   its   pis   pit   piu   psi   rip   sip   sir   sis   sit   sri   tip   tis   tui

j -   jus   jut

k -   tsk

l -   pul

m -   mus   mut   rum   sum   ump

n -   nus   nut   pun   run   sun   tun   uns   urn

o -   ops   opt   ors   ort   our   out   pot   pro   rot   sop   sos   sot   sou   top   tor   upo

p -   pup   pur   pus   put   sup   tup   ups

q -   suq

r -   pur   rut

s -   pus   sup   ups   uts

t -   put   rut   tup   tut   uts

u -   pur   pus   put   rut   sup   tup   ups   uts

x -   tux

y -   pry   spy   sty   try   yup

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