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Words formed from any letters in shris, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

e -   hisser   shiers   shires

i -   rishis

k -   shirks

r -   shirrs

t -   shirts

5 letters

a -   arsis   hairs   saris

e -   heirs   hires   rises   shier   shies   shire   sires

g -   girsh   sighs

h -   shris

i -   rishi   shris

k -   risks   shirk

m -   shims

n -   shins   sinhs

p -   priss   ships

r -   shirr   shris

s -   shris

t -   hists   shirt   shist   shits   stirs

u -   risus   sushi

v -   shivs

w -   swish   whirs

y -   hissy

4 letters

a -   airs   hair   rash   rias   sari   sash

b -   bris   ribs   sibs

c -   chis   cris   ichs   rich   sics

d -   dish   diss   rids

e -   heir   hers   hies   hire   ires   reis   resh   rise   seis   sers   shes   sire

f -   firs   fish   rifs

g -   ghis   rigs   sigh

h -   hiss   shri

i -   hiss   iris   shri   sirs   sris

k -   irks   khis   kirs   kiss   kris   risk   skis

m -   isms   mirs   miss   rims   shim   sims

n -   hins   hisn   rins   shin   sinh   sins

o -   rhos   sori

p -   hips   phis   pish   piss   psis   rips   ship   sips

r -   shri   sirs   sris

s -   hiss   shri   sirs   sris

t -   hist   hits   shit   sith   sits   stir   thir   this

u -   rhus   rush

v -   shiv

w -   whir   wish   wiss

3 letters

a -   air   ais   ars   ash   ass   has   rah   ras   ria   sha

b -   bis   rib   sib

c -   chi   cis   hic   ich   sic

d -   dis   hid   ids   rid

e -   ers   ess   her   hes   hie   ire   rei   res   sei   ser   she

f -   fir   ifs   rif

g -   ghi   rig

h -   his   shh

i -   his   sir   sis   sri

k -   irk   khi   kir   ski

l -   lis

m -   him   ism   mir   mis   rim   sim

n -   hin   ins   rin   sin

o -   ohs   ors   rho   sos

p -   hip   phi   pis   psi   rip   sip

r -   sir   sri

s -   his   sir   sis   sri

t -   hit   its   sit   tis

v -   vis

w -   wis

x -   six   xis

y -   shy

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