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Words formed from any letters in ring, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

a -   garni   grain

b -   bring

d -   grind

e -   reign   renig

i -   iring

o -   giron   groin

s -   girns   grins   rings

u -   ruing   unrig

w -   wring

4 letters

a -   agin   airn   gain   gnar   gran   ragi   rain   rang   rani

b -   brig   brin

d -   ding   gird   grid   rind

e -   gien   rein

f -   firn   frig

g -   girn   grig   grin   ring

h -   nigh

i -   girn   grin   ring

k -   gink   king   kirn   rink

l -   girl   ling

m -   grim

n -   girn   grin   ring

o -   giro   inro   iron   noir   nori

p -   grip   ping   pirn   prig

r -   girn   grin   ring

s -   gins   rigs   rins   sign   sing

t -   girt   grit   ting   trig

u -   ruin   rung

w -   wing

y -   gyri

z -   zing

3 letters

a -   ain   air   ani   gan   gar   nag   rag   ran   ria

b -   big   bin   gib   nib   rib

c -   cig

d -   dig   din   gid   rid

e -   eng   erg   ern   gen   gie   ire   reg   rei

f -   fig   fin   fir   rif

g -   gig   gin   rig

h -   ghi   hin

i -   gin   rig   rin

j -   jig   jin

k -   ink   irk   kin   kir

l -   lin   nil

m -   mig   mir   nim   rim

n -   gin   inn   rin

o -   gor   ion   nog   nor

p -   gip   nip   pig   pin   rip

r -   rig   rin

s -   ins   sin   sir   sri

t -   git   nit   tin

u -   gnu   gun   rug   run   urn

v -   vig

w -   wig   win

x -   nix

y -   yin

z -   zig   zin

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