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Words formed from any letters in riffs, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

e -   fifers

g -   griffs

5 letters

a -   fairs   fiars   raffs

b -   biffs

e -   fiefs   fifer   fifes   fires   fries   frise   reifs   serif

f -   riffs

g -   frigs   griff

i -   riffs

j -   jiffs

k -   frisk   skiff

m -   firms   miffs

n -   firns   sniff

p -   spiff

r -   riffs

s -   riffs

t -   first   frits   rifts   stiff   tiffs

u -   ruffs

4 letters

a -   airs   arfs   fair   fiar   raff   rias   sari

b -   biff   bris   fibs   ribs

c -   cris   fisc

d -   fids   rids

e -   effs   fief   fife   fire   ires   refs   reif   reis   rife   rise   seif   serf   sire

f -   firs   riff   rifs

g -   figs   frig   rigs

h -   fish   shri

i -   firs   iris   riff   rifs

j -   jiff

k -   irks   kifs   kirs   kris   risk

l -   fils

m -   firm   miff   mirs   rims

n -   fins   firn   rins

o -   offs   sori

p -   rips

r -   firs   riff   rifs

s -   firs   rifs   sirs   sris

t -   fist   fits   frit   rift   sift   stir   tiff

u -   furs   ruff   surf

y -   iffy

z -   friz

3 letters

a -   aff   air   ais   arf   ars   far   fas   ras   ria

b -   bis   fib   rib   sib

c -   cis   sic

d -   dis   fid   ids   rid

e -   eff   efs   ers   fer   fie   ire   ref   rei   res   sei   ser

f -   fir   iff   ifs   rif

g -   fig   rig

h -   his

i -   fir   iff   ifs   rif   sir   sri

k -   irk   kif   kir   ski

l -   fil   lis

m -   ism   mir   mis   rim   sim

n -   fin   ins   rin   sin

o -   for   fro   off   ors

p -   pis   psi   rip   sip

r -   fir   rif   sir   sri

s -   ifs   sir   sis   sri

t -   fit   its   sit   tis

u -   fur

v -   vis

w -   wis

x -   fix   six   xis

y -   fry

z -   fiz

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