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Words formed from any letters in relax, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

a -   areal   laxer   relax

b -   abler   baler   blare   blear

c -   carex   carle   clear   lacer

d -   alder   axled   lader   raxed

e -   laree   laxer   relax

f -   farle   feral   flare

g -   argle   glare   lager   large   regal

h -   haler

i -   ariel   axile

k -   laker

l -   laxer   relax

m -   lamer   realm

n -   learn   renal

p -   paler   parle   pearl

r -   laxer   relax

s -   arles   axels   axles   earls   lares   laser   lears   rales   raxes   reals   seral

t -   alert   alter   artel   exalt   extra   later   latex   ratel   retax   taler   taxer

u -   ureal

v -   laver   ravel   velar

w -   rewax   waler   waxer

x -   laxer   relax

y -   early   layer   leary   relay

4 letters

a -   alae   alar   area   axal   axel   axle   earl   lear   rale   real

b -   able   bale   bare   bear   blae   brae

c -   acre   alec   calx   care   carl   lace   race

d -   axed   dale   dare   deal   dear   lade   lard   lead   read

e -   alee   axel   axle   earl   lear   leer   rale   real   reel

f -   alef   falx   fare   farl   feal   fear   flax   flea   flex   frae   leaf

g -   ager   egal   gale   gear   rage

h -   hale   hare   harl   heal   hear   herl   lehr   rhea

i -   aril   axil   ilea   ilex   lair   lari   liar   lier   lira   lire   rail   rial   riel   rile

j -   jarl

k -   kale   lake   lark   leak   rake

l -   axel   axle   earl   leal   lear   rale   real

m -   alme   exam   lame   male   mare   marl   meal   merl   ream

n -   earn   elan   lane   lean   near

o -   aero   aloe   lore   olea   oral   orle   role

p -   aper   apex   leap   pale   pare   peal   pear   plea   prex   rape   reap

r -   earl   lear   rale   rare   real   rear

s -   ales   ares   arse   axes   ears   eras   lars   lase   leas   rase   sale   seal   sear   sera

t -   late   rate   tael   tale   tare   teal   tear   tela

u -   eaux   lure   luxe   rule   urea

v -   aver   lave   leva   rave   vale   veal   vela   vera

w -   wale   ware   weal   wear

x -   axel   axle

y -   aery   aryl   eyra   lyre   rely   yare   year

z -   laze   raze   zeal

3 letters

a -   aal   ala   ale   are   axe   ear   era   lar   lax   lea   rax

b -   alb   arb   bal   bar   bel   bra   lab   reb

c -   ace   arc   car   cel   lac   rec

d -   dal   del   dex   eld   lad   led   rad   red

e -   ale   are   axe   ear   eel   era   ere   lea   lee   lex   ree   rex

f -   arf   elf   far   fax   fer   ref

g -   age   erg   gae   gal   gar   gel   lag   leg   rag   reg

h -   hae   her   hex   rah

i -   ail   air   ire   lei   lie   rei   ria

j -   jar   raj

k -   ark   elk   kae   kea   kex   lek

l -   ale   all   ell   lar   lax   lea   lex

m -   arm   elm   lam   mae   mar   max   mel   ram   rem

n -   ane   ern   nae   ran

o -   lox   oar   ole   ora   ore   roe

p -   alp   ape   lap   pal   par   pax   pea   per   rap   rep

r -   are   ear   era   err   lar   rax   rex

s -   als   ars   els   ers   las   ras   res   sae   sal   sax   sea   sel   ser   sex

t -   alt   art   ate   eat   eta   lat   let   rat   ret   tae   tar   tax   tea   tel

u -   eau   leu   lux   rue

v -   ave   lav   lev   rev   var   vex

w -   awe   awl   law   raw   wae   war   wax

x -   axe   lax   lex   rax   rex

y -   aye   lay   ley   lye   ray   rya   rye   yar   yea

z -   lez   zax

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