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Words formed from any letters in puss, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

c -   cusps   scups

d -   spuds

e -   puses   spues   supes

m -   sumps

o -   soups

r -   spurs

y -   pussy

4 letters

a -   asps   pass   saps   spas   upas

b -   buss   pubs   subs

c -   cups   cusp   cuss   scup

d -   dups   puds   spud   suds

e -   spue   sues   supe   uses

f -   fuss

g -   pugs

h -   push

i -   piss   psis   sips

l -   plus   puls

m -   muss   sump   sums   umps

n -   puns   spun   suns

o -   opus   sops   soup   sous

p -   pups   puss   sups

q -   suqs

r -   purs   spur

s -   puss   sups   suss

t -   psst   puts   tups

u -   puss   sups

w -   wuss

y -   yups

3 letters

a -   asp   ass   pas   sap   sau   spa

b -   bus   pub   sub

c -   cup

d -   dup   pud

e -   ess   pes   sue   use

g -   pug

h -   hup

i -   pis   piu   psi   sip   sis

j -   jus

l -   pul

m -   mus   sum   ump

n -   nus   pun   sun   uns

o -   ops   sop   sos   sou   upo

p -   pup   pus   sup   ups

q -   suq

r -   pur

s -   pus   sup   ups

t -   put   tup   uts

u -   pus   sup   ups

y -   spy   yup

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