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Words formed from any letters in puja, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

h -   pujah

s -   jaups   pujas

4 letters

a -   jaup   puja

b -   juba

e -   jape   jupe

g -   juga

j -   jaup   puja

k -   jauk

l -   pula

m -   jump   puma

n -   puna

p -   jaup   puja   pupa

r -   jura   prau

s -   upas

u -   jaup   puja

y -   yaup

3 letters

b -   bap   jab   pub

c -   cap   cup   pac

d -   dap   dup   pad   pud

e -   ape   eau   jeu   pea

g -   gap   jag   jug   pug

h -   haj   hap   hup   pah

i -   pia   piu

k -   auk

l -   alp   lap   pal   pul

m -   amp   amu   jam   map   pam   ump

n -   jun   nap   pan   pun

o -   upo

p -   pap   pup

q -   qua

r -   jar   par   pur   raj   rap

s -   asp   jus   pas   pus   sap   sau   spa   sup   ups

t -   apt   jut   pat   put   taj   tap   tau   tup   uta

v -   vau

w -   jaw   paw   wap

x -   pax

y -   jay   pay   pya   yap   yup

z -   zap

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