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Words formed from any letters in psychic, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

s -   psychics

7 letters

c -   psychic

h -   psychic

i -   psychic

l -   sylphic

m -   chymics

p -   psychic

s -   physics   psychic

u -   hiccups

y -   psychic

6 letters

a -   phasic

c -   physic   scyphi

e -   psyche   spicey   yecchs

h -   physic   scyphi

i -   physic   scyphi

k -   chicks

l -   chicly   phylic

m -   chimps   chymic

n -   cynics   hypnic

o -   chicos   coyish   psycho

p -   chippy   physic   scyphi

r -   chirps   chirpy   crispy

s -   physic   physis   psychs   scyphi

t -   cystic   pitchy

u -   hiccup

y -   physic   scyphi

z -   schizy

5 letters

a -   aphis   apish   aspic   caphs   chaps   chays   chias   cycas   picas   spacy   spahi   spica

c -   chics   chips   psych   spicy

d -   dishy

e -   epics   hypes   pechs   sepic   spice   yecch   yechs   yipes

f -   fishy

g -   gipsy

h -   chics   chips   psych

i -   chics   chips   spicy

k -   chick   hicks   picks   picky   spick   spiky

l -   clips   shily   sylph

m -   chimp

n -   chins   cinch   cynic   pinch   pyins   shiny   spiny   synch

o -   chico   chops   cisco   hypos   pisco   sophy

p -   chips   hippy   psych   spicy

r -   chirp   crisp   pricy   pyric   scrip   spiry

s -   chics   chips   cissy   hissy   psych   ships   spics   spicy   syphs

t -   chits   itchy   pitch   piths   pithy   stich   tipsy   typic

u -   cuish   cushy   pushy   yucch

v -   chivy   vichy

w -   whips   wispy

x -   pyxis

y -   psych   spicy

4 letters

a -   achy   asci   ashy   caph   caps   cash   cays   chap   chay   chia   haps   hasp   hays   pacs   pash   pays   pias   pica   pyas   shay   spay   yaps

c -   chic   chip   chis   ichs   pics   pyic   spic

d -   chid   dips   disc   dish   yids

e -   ceps   epic   espy   hies   hype   ices   pech   pecs   pehs   pice   pies   pyes   sice   sipe   spec   syce   yech   yipe

f -   fisc   fish

g -   cigs   ghis   gips   gyps   pigs   sigh

h -   chic   chip   chis   hips   hyps   ichs   phis   pish   ship   syph

i -   chic   chip   chis   hips   ichs   phis   pics   pish   pyic   ship   spic   yips

k -   hick   icky   khis   kips   pick   sick   skip   spik

l -   clip   lich   lips   lisp   pily   slip   syli

m -   imps   shim   simp

n -   chin   hins   hisn   inch   nips   pins   piny   pyin   shin   sinh   snip   spin   sync   yins

o -   chop   cops   copy   cosh   cosy   coys   hops   hoys   hypo   piso   pois   posh   posy   scop   shop   soph

p -   chip   hips   hyps   phis   pics   pips   pipy   pish   pyic   ship   spic   syph   yips

r -   cris   rich   rips   scry   shri   spry

s -   chis   hips   hiss   hyps   ichs   phis   pics   pish   piss   psis   ship   sics   sips   spic   syph   yips

t -   chit   cist   city   cyst   hist   hits   itch   pith   pits   pity   shit   sith   spit   this   tics   tips

u -   cups   cusp   huic   push   scup   such   yuch   yups

v -   shiv   spiv

w -   whip   whys   wich   wish   wisp   wych   ywis

x -   pixy

y -   hyps   pyic   syph   yips

z -   phiz   sizy   zips

3 letters

a -   ais   ash   asp   ays   cap   cay   hap   has   hay   pac   pah   pas   pay   pia   pya   sac   sap   say   sha   spa   yah   yap

b -   bis   bys   sib

c -   chi   cis   hic   ich   icy   pic   sic

d -   dip   dis   hid   ids   yid

e -   cep   hep   hes   hey   hie   ice   pec   peh   pes   pie   pye   sec   sei   she   yeh   yep   yes

f -   ifs

g -   cig   ghi   gip   gyp   pig

h -   chi   hic   hip   his   hyp   ich   phi   shh   shy

i -   chi   cis   hic   hip   his   ich   icy   phi   pic   pis   psi   sic   sip   yip

k -   ick   khi   kip   ski   sky

l -   lip   lis   ply   sly

m -   him   imp   ism   mis   sim

n -   hin   ins   nip   pin   sin   syn   yin

o -   cop   cos   coy   hop   hoy   ohs   ops   poh   poi   sop   soy

p -   hip   hyp   phi   pic   pip   pis   psi   sip   spy   yip

r -   cry   pry   rip   sir   sri

s -   cis   his   pis   psi   shy   sic   sip   sis   spy

t -   hit   its   pht   pit   sit   sty   thy   tic   tip   tis

u -   cup   hup   piu   pus   sup   ups   yup

v -   ivy   vis

w -   why   wis

x -   pix   pyx   six   xis

y -   hyp   icy   shy   spy   yip

z -   zip

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