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Words formed from any letters in psocids, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

a -   capsids

c -   psocids

d -   psocids

e -   dispose

i -   cissoid   psocids

o -   isopods   psocids

p -   psocids

s -   psocids

u -   cuspids

6 letters

a -   asdics   aspics   capsid   dipsas   spicas

b -   bipods

c -   ciscos   discos   piscos   psocid

d -   dipsos   discos   psocid

e -   copied   copies   copses   cosied   cosies   pissed   poised   poises   posies   scoped   scopes   spiced   spices   spodes

g -   gossip

i -   dipsos   discos   piscos   psocid

k -   sickos   spicks

l -   dossil   scolds   sloids   solids   spoils

m -   osmics

n -   opsins   poinds   scions   sonics

o -   dipsos   discos   isopod   piscos   psocid   scoops

p -   dipsos   piscos   psocid

r -   crisps   scrips   scrods

s -   dipsos   discos   piscos   psocid

t -   dicots   odists   optics   picots   posits   ptosis   stoics   topics

u -   cupids   cuspid   cuspis   discus

y -   pyosis

5 letters

a -   acids   adios   apods   apsis   asdic   aspic   aspis   cadis   caids   capos   codas   dopas   oasis   ossia   padis   picas   podia   psoai   psoas   sadis   saids   sapid   scads   soaps   sodas   spado   spica

b -   bipod

c -   cisco   disco   discs   pisco   scops   sodic   spics

d -   didos   dipso   disco   discs   sodic

e -   cedis   codes   coeds   coped   copes   copse   coses   cosie   decos   dices   dopes   doses   eidos   epics   pesos   poise   posed   poses   posse   scope   sepic   sices   sides   siped   sipes   specs   spice   spied   spies   spode

f -   coifs   fidos   fiscs

h -   chips   chops   ships   shops   sophs

i -   dipso   disci   disco   discs   iodic   pisco   pisos   sodic   spics

k -   dicks   disks   docks   picks   pocks   sicko   sicks   skids   skips   socks   spick   spiks

l -   clips   clods   clops   coils   colds   diols   dolci   idols   lidos   lisps   plods   polis   scold   silds   silos   slips   sloid   slops   soils   soldi   solid   spoil

m -   comps   domic   misdo   misos   osmic   simps

n -   cions   coins   icons   opsin   pions   poind   ponds   scion   snips   sonic   spins

o -   coops   dipso   disco   pisco   pisos   poods   scoop   scops   sodic

p -   dipso   pisco   pisos   scops   spics

r -   coirs   cords   corps   crisp   crops   cross   dorps   drips   drops   dross   priss   prods   pross   scrip   scrod   sords

s -   dipso   disco   discs   pisco   pisos   scops   sodic   spics

t -   cists   costs   dicot   doits   odist   optic   picot   posit   posts   scots   spits   spots   stoic   stops   topic   topis

u -   coups   cupid   cusps   cusso   pious   pudic   scudi   scudo   scuds   scups   soups   spuds   updos

v -   spivs   voids

w -   scows   swops   wisps

x -   oxids

y -   cissy   pyoid   spicy   sysop

4 letters

a -   acid   ados   aids   apod   asci   asps   cadi   cads   caid   capo   caps   ciao   coda   dais   daps   dopa   ocas   ossa   pacs   padi   pads   paid   pass   pias   pica   sacs   sadi   said   saps   scad   soap   soda   spas

b -   bids   bios   bods   bops   boss   cobs   dibs   obis   sibs   sobs

c -   cods   cops   coss   disc   docs   odic   pics   scop   sics   spic

d -   cods   dido   dips   disc   diss   docs   doss   odds   odic   pods   sods

e -   cedi   ceps   cess   code   coed   cope   deco   dice   dies   does   dope   dose   epic   epos   iced   ices   ides   odes   oped   opes   oses   pecs   peds   peso   pice   pied   pies   pose   secs   seis   sice   side   sipe   spec   sped

f -   coif   fico   fido   fids   fisc   foci   fops   foss

g -   cigs   cogs   digs   dogs   gids   gips   gods   pigs

h -   chid   chip   chis   chop   cosh   dish   hips   hiss   hods   hops   ichs   phis   pish   posh   ship   shod   shop   soph

i -   dips   disc   diss   odic   pics   piso   piss   pois   psis   sics   sips   spic

j -   joss

k -   dick   disk   dock   kids   kips   kiss   kois   kops   koss   pick   pock   sick   skid   skip   skis   sock   spik

l -   clip   clod   clop   coil   cold   cols   diol   dols   idol   lido   lids   lips   lisp   loci   lops   loss   oils   olds   plod   pols   sild   silo   slid   slip   slop   soil   sold   soli   sols

m -   comp   dims   doms   imps   isms   mids   miso   miss   mocs   modi   mods   mops   moss   poms   simp   sims

n -   cion   coin   coni   cons   dins   dons   icon   ions   nips   nodi   nods   pins   pion   pond   pons   sins   snip   sons   spin

o -   cods   coop   coos   cops   coss   docs   doss   odic   oops   piso   poco   pods   pois   pood   scop   sods   sops

p -   cops   dips   pics   pips   piso   piss   pods   pois   pops   psis   scop   sips   sops   spic

r -   coir   cord   cors   cris   crop   dorp   dors   drip   drop   orcs   prod   pros   rids   rips   rocs   rods   sirs   sord   sori   sris

s -   cods   cops   coss   dips   disc   diss   docs   doss   pics   piso   piss   pods   pois   psis   scop   sics   sips   sods   sops   spic

t -   cist   cost   cots   dipt   dits   doit   dost   dots   opts   otic   pits   post   pots   psst   scot   sits   sots   spit   spot   stop   tics   tips   tods   topi   tops   toss

u -   coup   cuds   cups   cusp   cuss   duci   duos   dups   opus   ouds   puds   puss   scud   scup   soup   sous   spud   suds   sups   udos   updo

v -   spiv   void

w -   cows   dows   pows   scow   sows   swop   wisp   wiss   wops

x -   oxid

y -   copy   cosy   coys   dopy   posy   pyic   soys   yids   yips   yods

z -   zips   zoic

3 letters

a -   ado   ads   aid   ais   asp   ass   cad   cap   dap   oca   pac   pad   pas   pia   sac   sad   sap   spa

b -   bid   bio   bis   bod   bop   bos   cob   dib   obi   sib   sob

c -   cis   cod   cop   cos   doc   pic   sic

d -   cod   did   dip   dis   doc   dos   ids   odd   ods   pod   sod

e -   cep   die   doe   eds   ess   ice   ode   oes   ope   ose   pec   ped   pes   pie   sec   sei

f -   fid   fop   ifs

g -   cig   cog   dig   dog   gid   gip   god   gos   pig

h -   chi   hic   hid   hip   his   hod   hop   ich   ohs   phi   poh

i -   cis   dip   dis   ids   pic   pis   poi   psi   sic   sip   sis

k -   ick   kid   kip   koi   kop   kos   ski

l -   col   dol   lid   lip   lis   lop   oil   old   pol   sol

m -   dim   dom   imp   ism   mid   mis   moc   mod   mop   mos   oms   pom   sim   som

n -   con   din   don   ins   ion   nip   nod   nos   ons   pin   sin   son

o -   cod   coo   cop   cos   doc   dos   ods   ops   pod   poi   sod   sop   sos

p -   cop   dip   ops   pic   pip   pis   pod   poi   pop   psi   sip   sop

r -   cor   dor   orc   ors   pro   rid   rip   roc   rod   sir   sri

s -   cis   cos   dis   dos   ids   ods   ops   pis   psi   sic   sip   sis   sod   sop   sos

t -   cot   dit   dot   its   opt   pit   pot   sit   sot   tic   tip   tis   tod   top

u -   cud   cup   dui   duo   dup   oud   piu   pud   pus   sou   sup   udo   upo   ups

v -   vis

w -   cow   dow   pow   sow   wis   wop   wos

x -   cox   pix   pox   six   sox   xis

y -   coy   icy   soy   spy   yid   yip   yod

z -   coz   zip

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