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Words formed from any letters in porky, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

a -   payor   yapok

c -   corky   pocky   rocky

d -   dorky

e -   perky   poker   pokey   ropey

f -   forky

g -   porgy

k -   porky

n -   porny

o -   porky   rooky

p -   porky

r -   porky

s -   porks   prosy

u -   roupy

x -   proxy

y -   porky

4 letters

a -   kayo   kyar   okay   okra   park   prao   pray   proa

b -   orby

c -   copy   cork   cory   crop   pock   rock   yock

d -   dopy   dork   dorp   dory   drop   prod

e -   kore   oyer   perk   poke   pore   prey   pyre   repo   rope   ryke   yerk   yoke   yore

f -   fork   prof

g -   gorp   gory   gyro   orgy   pogy   prog

h -   hypo   koph

j -   joky

k -   poky   pork

l -   lory   ploy   poly   yolk

m -   mopy   prom   romp

n -   knop   pony   porn

o -   poky   poor   pork   rook   ropy

p -   poky   pork   prop   ropy

r -   pork   ropy

s -   kops   kors   posy   pros   rosy   spry   yoks

t -   port   ryot   tory   trop   troy   typo   tyro

u -   pour   roup   your

w -   prow   work

x -   oryx

y -   poky   ropy

3 letters

a -   ark   kay   koa   oak   oar   oka   ora   par   pay   pya   rap   ray   rya   yak   yap   yar

b -   bop   boy   bro   kob   orb   rob   yob

c -   cop   cor   coy   cry   orc   roc

d -   dor   dry   pod   rod   yod

e -   kep   key   oke   ope   ore   per   pye   rep   roe   rye   yep

f -   fop   for   foy   fro   fry

g -   gor   goy   gyp

h -   hop   hoy   hyp   poh   rho

i -   irk   kip   kir   koi   poi   rip   yip

j -   joy

k -   kop   kor   yok

l -   lop   ply   pol

m -   mop   mor   pom   rom   yom

n -   nor   yon

o -   kop   kor   pro   yok

p -   kop   pop   pro   pry

r -   kor   pro   pry

s -   kos   ops   ors   sky   sop   soy   spy

t -   opt   ort   pot   rot   top   tor   toy   try

u -   our   pur   upo   you   yuk   yup

w -   pow   row   wok   wop   wry   yow

x -   oxy   pox   pyx

y -   pry   yok

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