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Words formed from any letters in poach, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

e -   cheapo

r -   carhop   coprah

y -   poachy

5 letters

a -   pacha   poach

c -   coach   poach

e -   chape   cheap   epoch   peach

h -   poach

i -   chiao

l -   copal   loach

m -   campo   champ   chomp   macho   mocha

n -   capon   nacho

o -   achoo   poach   pooch

p -   poach

r -   copra   orach   parch   porch   roach

s -   caphs   capos   chaos   chaps   chops   opahs

t -   chapt   coapt   patch

u -   pouch

v -   havoc

w -   cahow

4 letters

a -   caph   capo   chao   chap   opah   paca

b -   bach

c -   caph   capo   chao   chap   chop   coca

d -   apod   chad   coda   dopa

e -   ache   cape   cope   each   echo   epha   heap   hope   pace   pech

h -   caph   chao   chap   chop   opah

i -   chia   chip   ciao   ohia   pica

k -   hack   hock   kaph   koph   pack   pock

l -   calo   clap   clop   coal   cola   halo   holp   loca   loch   opal

m -   camp   cham   coma   comp   mach

n -   chon   phon

o -   capo   chao   chop   coho   coop   hoop   opah   poco   pooh

p -   caph   capo   chap   chop   opah

q -   qoph

r -   arch   arco   carp   char   crap   crop   harp   hoar   hora   orca   prao   proa

s -   caps   cash   cops   cosh   haps   hasp   hops   ocas   pacs   pash   posh   scop   shop   soap   soph

t -   atop   chat   coat   oath   pact   path   phat   phot   tach   taco   toph

u -   coup   ouch   ouph

w -   chaw   chow   whap   whoa   whop

x -   coax   coxa   hoax

y -   achy   ahoy   chay   copy   hoya   hypo

3 letters

a -   aah   aha   cap   hao   hap   oca   pac   pah

b -   abo   bah   bap   boa   bop   cab   cob   hob

c -   cap   cop   oca   pac

d -   ado   cad   cod   dah   dap   doc   had   hod   pad   pod

e -   ace   ape   cep   hae   hep   hoe   ope   pea   pec   peh

f -   foh   fop   oaf

g -   ago   cog   gap   goa   hag   hog

h -   hah   hao   hap   hop   pah   poh

i -   chi   hic   hip   ich   phi   pia   pic   poi

j -   haj

k -   koa   kop   oak   oka

l -   alp   col   lac   lap   lop   pal   pol

m -   amp   cam   ham   mac   map   mho   moa   moc   mop   ohm   pam   pom

n -   can   con   hon   nah   nap   noh   pan

o -   coo   cop   hao   hop   oca   oho   ooh   poh

p -   cap   cop   hap   hop   pac   pah   pap   poh   pop

r -   arc   car   cor   oar   ora   orc   par   pro   rah   rap   rho   roc

s -   ash   asp   cos   has   ohs   ops   pas   sac   sap   sha   sop   spa

t -   act   apt   cat   cot   hat   hot   oat   opt   pat   pht   pot   tao   tap   tho   top

u -   cup   hup   upo

v -   avo   ova   vac

w -   caw   cow   haw   how   paw   pow   wap   wha   who   wop

x -   cox   pax   pox

y -   cay   coy   hay   hoy   hyp   pay   pya   yah   yap

z -   azo   coz   zap   zoa

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