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Words formed from any letters in peined, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

r -   repined   ripened

w -   pinweed

6 letters

a -   aedine   pained

c -   edenic   pieced

d -   denied   depend   indeed   peined   pended

e -   deepen   peened   peined

f -   define

g -   peeing   pinged

i -   peined

k -   pinked

l -   penile

m -   impede   impend

n -   indene   peined   penned   pinene   pinned

o -   depone   opened   opined   ponied

p -   nipped   peined

r -   denier   nereid   perdie   pinder   reined   repine

s -   denies   dienes   espied   peised   seined   sniped   spined

t -   dipnet   endite

v -   devein   endive   envied   veined

x -   expend

5 letters

a -   paned

b -   biped

c -   deice   niece   pence   piece

d -   diene   dined   ended   nided   pined

e -   diene   pined

f -   fiend   fined

g -   deign   dinge   genie   genip

i -   diene   indie   pined

k -   inked   kneed   pekin   piked

l -   edile   elide   lined   piled   plied

m -   denim   emend   imped   mined

n -   diene   inned   penne   penni   pined

o -   donee   epode   opine   poind

p -   pined   piped

r -   diner   eider   ender   preed   preen   pride   pried   redip   repin   riped   ripen

s -   deeps   denes   dense   dines   needs   neeps   nides   pedes   peens   peins   peise   pends   penes   penis   pines   seine   siped   snide   snipe   speed   spend   spied   spine

t -   inept   teind   tepid   tined

u -   endue   indue   nudie   undee   upend

v -   nieve   vined

w -   dwine   newie   widen   wined   wiped

x -   dexie   exine   index   nixed

y -   needy   piney

z -   dizen

4 letters

a -   aide   aped   dean   idea   nape   neap   nipa   padi   paid   pain   pane   pean   pian   pina

b -   been   beep   bend   bene   bide   bind   bine

c -   cede   cedi   cepe   cine   dice   epic   iced   nice   pice

d -   deed   deep   dene   deni   died   dine   eide   need   nide   peed   pend   pied

e -   deep   dene   deni   dine   eide   epee   need   neep   nide   peed   peen   pein   pend   pied   pine

f -   defi   feed   fend   find   fine   neif

g -   ding   edge   geed   gene   gied   gien   ping

h -   heed   hide   hied   hind

i -   deni   dine   eide   nide   nidi   pein   pied   pine

j -   djin   jeed   jeep

k -   deke   dike   dink   eked   keen   keep   kepi   kind   kine   knee   peek   peke   pike   pink

l -   deil   dele   deli   diel   idle   lend   lied   lien   line   lipe   peel   pele   pile   pled   plie

m -   deem   deme   dime   idem   meed   mend   mien   mind   mine   neem

n -   dene   deni   dine   need   neep   nene   nide   nine   peen   pein   pend   pine

o -   done   dope   node   nodi   nope   oped   open   peon   pion   pond   pone

p -   deep   neep   peed   peen   peep   pein   pend   pied   pine   pipe

r -   deer   dere   dire   dree   drip   erne   ired   nerd   peer   peri   pier   pirn   pree   rede   reed   rein   rend   ride   rind   ripe

s -   dees   dens   dies   dins   dips   ends   ides   nips   peds   pees   pens   pies   pins   seed   seen   seep   send   sene   side   sine   sipe   sned   snip   sped   spin

t -   deet   dent   diet   dint   dipt   dite   edit   nite   pent   pint   teed   teen   tend   tide   tied   tine

u -   dune   dupe   nude   unde

v -   dive   even   neve   nevi   veep   vein   vend   vide   vied   vine

w -   weed   ween   weep   wend   wide   wind   wine   wipe

x -   nixe

y -   deny   dyne   eyed   eyen   eyne   piny   pyin   yipe

z -   zein

3 letters

a -   aid   ain   and   ane   ani   ape   dap   nae   nap   pad   pan   pea   pia

b -   bed   bee   ben   bid   bin   deb   dib   neb   nib

c -   cee   cep   ice   pec   pic

d -   dee   den   did   die   din   dip   end   ped

e -   dee   den   die   end   nee   ped   pee   pen   pie

f -   fed   fee   fen   fid   fie   fin

g -   dig   eng   ged   gee   gen   gid   gie   gin   gip   peg   pig

h -   edh   hen   hep   hid   hie   hin   hip   peh   phi

i -   die   din   dip   nip   pie   pin

j -   jee   jin

k -   eke   ink   ken   kep   kid   kin   kip

l -   del   eel   eld   led   lee   lei   lid   lie   lin   lip   nil

m -   dim   eme   imp   med   men   mid   nim

n -   den   din   end   inn   nee   nip   pen   pin

o -   doe   don   eon   ion   nod   ode   one   ope   pod   poi

p -   dip   nip   ped   pee   pen   pep   pie   pin   pip

r -   ere   ern   ire   per   red   ree   rei   rep   rid   rin   rip

s -   dis   eds   ens   ids   ins   pes   pis   psi   see   sei   sen   sin   sip

t -   dit   net   nit   pet   pit   ted   tee   ten   tie   tin   tip

u -   due   dui   dun   dup   piu   pud   pun

v -   dev   eve   vee   vie

w -   dew   ewe   new   pew   wed   wee   wen   win

x -   dex   nix   pix

y -   dey   dye   eye   pye   yen   yep   yid   yin   yip

z -   zed   zee   zin   zip

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