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Words formed from any letters in pays, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

c -   spacy

l -   palsy   plays   splay

n -   pansy

o -   soapy

p -   sappy

r -   prays   raspy   spray

s -   spays

t -   pasty   patsy

u -   yaups

w -   waspy   yawps

4 letters

a -   pays   pyas   spay   yaps

b -   abys   baps   bays

c -   caps   cays   pacs

d -   daps   days   pads

e -   apes   apse   ayes   easy   espy   eyas   pase   peas   pyes   spae   yeas

f -   fays

g -   gaps   gapy   gasp   gays   gyps   sagy

h -   ashy   haps   hasp   hays   hyps   pash   shay   syph

i -   pias   yips

j -   jays

k -   kays   yaks

l -   alps   laps   lays   pals   paly   play   salp   slap   slay

m -   amps   maps   mays   pams   samp   spam   yams

n -   naps   nays   pans   snap   span

o -   posy   soap   soya

p -   paps   pays   pyas   spay   yaps

r -   pars   pray   raps   rasp   rays   ryas   spar   spry

s -   asps   pass   pays   pyas   saps   says   spas   spay   yaps

t -   past   pats   paty   spat   stay   taps

u -   upas   yaup   yups

w -   paws   swap   sway   waps   wasp   ways   yawp   yaws

y -   pays   pyas   spay   yaps   yays

z -   spaz   zaps

3 letters

a -   aas   asp   ays   pas   pay   pya   sap   say   spa   yap

b -   abs   aby   bap   bas   bay   bys   sab

c -   cap   cay   pac   sac

d -   ads   dap   day   pad   sad

e -   ape   aye   pea   pes   pye   sae   sea   yea   yep   yes

f -   fas   fay

g -   gap   gas   gay   gyp   sag

h -   ash   hap   has   hay   hyp   pah   sha   shy   yah

i -   ais   pia   pis   psi   sip   yip

j -   jay

k -   ask   kas   kay   ska   sky   yak

l -   alp   als   lap   las   lay   pal   ply   sal   sly

m -   amp   map   mas   may   pam   yam

n -   any   nap   nay   pan   syn

o -   ops   sop   soy

p -   asp   pap   pas   pay   pya   sap   spa   spy   yap

r -   ars   par   pry   rap   ras   ray   rya   yar

s -   asp   ass   ays   pas   sap   say   spa   spy

t -   apt   pat   sat   sty   tap   tas

u -   pus   sau   sup   ups   yup

v -   vas

w -   paw   saw   wap   was   way   yaw

x -   pax   pyx   sax

y -   ays   pay   pya   say   spy   yap   yay

z -   zap

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