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Words formed from any letters in pack, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

l -   plack

s -   packs

u -   pucka

4 letters

a -   kapa   paca   pack

b -   back

c -   pack

e -   cake   cape   pace   peak   peck

h -   caph   chap   hack   kaph

i -   paik   pica   pick   pika

j -   jack

k -   pack

l -   calk   clap   lack

m -   camp   mack

n -   knap

o -   capo   pock

p -   pack

r -   cark   carp   crap   park   rack

s -   caps   cask   pacs   sack

t -   pact   tack

u -   puck

w -   wack

y -   caky   yack

3 letters

a -   cap   pac

b -   bap   cab   kab

c -   cap   pac

d -   cad   dak   dap   pad

e -   ace   ape   cep   kae   kea   kep   pea   pec

f -   kaf

g -   gap

h -   hap   pah

i -   ick   kip   pia   pic

l -   alp   lac   lap   pal

m -   amp   cam   mac   map   pam

n -   can   nap   pan

o -   cop   koa   kop   oak   oca   oka

p -   cap   pac   pap

r -   arc   ark   car   par   rap

s -   ask   asp   kas   pas   sac   sap   ska   spa

t -   act   apt   cat   kat   pat   tap

u -   auk   cup

v -   vac

w -   caw   paw   wap

x -   pax

y -   cay   kay   pay   pya   yak   yap

z -   zap

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