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Words formed from any letters in orchis, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

d -   orchids

e -   coheirs   heroics

l -   orchils

m -   chrisom

o -   isochor

t -   ostrich

6 letters

a -   chairs   rachis   scoria

b -   borsch   sorbic

c -   chicos   chiros   choirs   choric   ichors   orchis   scorch

d -   chords   orchid   rhodic   schrod

e -   chores   coheir   cosher   cosier   heroic   hosier   ochers   ochres   riches

g -   corgis   ogrish

h -   chiros   choirs   ichors   orchis

i -   chiros   choirs   ichors   orchis

k -   chirks   hoicks   kirsch   schrik

l -   orchil   schorl

m -   chirms   chrism   micros   smirch

n -   chinos   orcins   rhinos

o -   chiros   choirs   ichors   orchis

p -   chirps   orphic

r -   chiros   chirrs   choirs   ichors   orchis

s -   chiros   choirs   ichors   orchis

t -   thoric

u -   chorus   curios   houris

y -   coyish

z -   schizo

5 letters

a -   chair   chaos   chars   chiao   chias   coria   crash   hairs   hoars   horas   ohias   orach   orcas   roach

b -   birch   boric   brios   cribs

c -   chico   chics   chiro   choir   cisco   coirs   croci   crocs   ichor

d -   chord   cords   disco   scrod   sodic

e -   ceros   chore   chose   cires   cores   corse   cosie   cries   echos   heirs   heros   hires   hoers   hoise   horse   ocher   ochre   osier   rices   score   shier   shire   shoer   shore

f -   coifs   frosh

g -   corgi   giros   girsh   orgic

h -   chiro   choir   ichor

i -   chiro   choir   coirs   ichor   rishi

j -   shoji

k -   chirk   corks   hicks   hocks   hoick   ricks   rocks   shirk   shock   sicko

l -   coils   lochs   loris   roils   shorl

m -   chirm   corms   micro   ohmic   osmic   schmo   scrim

n -   chino   chins   cions   coins   corns   horns   icons   irons   noirs   noris   orcin   ornis   rhino   rosin   scion   scorn   shorn   sonic

o -   chiro   choir   cohos   coirs   ichor

p -   chips   chirp   chops   corps   crisp   crops   pisco   porch   scrip

r -   chiro   chirr   choir   coirs   ichor   orris   shirr

s -   coirs   cross   shris

t -   chits   hoist   horst   riots   rotch   rotis   shirt   short   stich   stoic   tiros   torch   torcs   toric   torsi   trios   trois

u -   crush   cuish   curio   hocus   houri   hours   scour

v -   visor

w -   chows   crows   whirs

y -   horsy   ochry

z -   zorch   zoris

4 letters

a -   airs   arch   arco   arcs   asci   cars   cash   chao   char   chia   ciao   hair   hoar   hora   oars   ocas   ohia   orca   osar   rash   rias   sari   scar   soar   sora

b -   bios   bosh   brio   bris   bros   cobs   crib   hobs   obis   orbs   ribs   robs   sorb

c -   chic   chis   coir   cors   cosh   cris   croc   ichs   orcs   rich   rocs

d -   chid   cods   cord   disc   dish   docs   dors   hods   odic   rids   rods   shod   sord

e -   cero   cire   core   echo   eros   heir   hero   hers   hies   hire   hoer   hoes   hose   ices   ires   ores   recs   reis   resh   rice   rise   roes   rose   shoe   sice   sire   sore

f -   coif   corf   fico   firs   fisc   fish   foci   rifs

g -   cigs   cogs   ghis   giro   gosh   hogs   rigs   shog   sigh

h -   chis   cosh   ichs   rhos   rich   shri

i -   chis   coir   cris   ichs   iris   rich   shri   sori

j -   josh

k -   cork   hick   hock   irks   khis   kirs   kois   kors   kris   rick   risk   rock   sick   sock

l -   coil   cols   hols   lich   loch   loci   oils   roil   silo   soil   soli

m -   corm   mhos   mirs   miso   mocs   mors   mosh   ohms   rims   roms   shim   shmo

n -   chin   chon   cion   coin   coni   cons   corn   hins   hisn   hons   horn   icon   inch   inro   ions   iron   noir   nori   nosh   rins   shin   sinh   sorn

o -   coho   coir   coos   cors   cosh   oohs   orcs   rhos   rocs   shoo   sori

p -   chip   chop   cops   crop   hips   hops   phis   pics   pish   piso   pois   posh   pros   rips   scop   ship   shop   soph   spic

r -   coir   cors   cris   orcs   rhos   rich   rocs   shri   sori

s -   chis   cors   cosh   coss   cris   hiss   ichs   orcs   rhos   rocs   shri   sics   sirs   sori   sris

t -   chit   cist   cost   cots   hist   hits   host   hots   itch   orts   otic   riot   roti   rots   scot   shit   shot   sith   sort   soth   stir   thio   thir   this   thro   tics   tiro   torc   tori   tors   tosh   trio

u -   crus   curs   hour   huic   ouch   ours   rhus   rush   sour   such   uric

v -   shiv

w -   chow   cows   crow   hows   rows   scow   show   whir   wich   wish

y -   cory   cosy   coys   hoys   rosy   scry

z -   zoic   zori

3 letters

a -   air   ais   arc   ars   ash   car   hao   has   oar   oca   ora   rah   ras   ria   sac   sha

b -   bio   bis   bos   bro   cob   hob   obi   orb   rib   rob   sib   sob

c -   chi   cis   cor   cos   hic   ich   orc   roc   sic

d -   cod   dis   doc   dor   dos   hid   hod   ids   ods   rid   rod   sod

e -   ers   her   hes   hie   hoe   ice   ire   oes   ore   ose   rec   rei   res   roe   sec   sei   ser   she

f -   fir   foh   for   fro   ifs   rif

g -   cig   cog   ghi   gor   gos   hog   rig

h -   chi   hic   his   ich   ohs   rho   shh

i -   chi   cis   hic   his   ich   sic   sir   sri

k -   ick   irk   khi   kir   koi   kor   kos   ski

l -   col   lis   oil   sol

m -   him   ism   mho   mir   mis   moc   mor   mos   ohm   oms   rim   rom   sim   som

n -   con   hin   hon   ins   ion   noh   nor   nos   ons   rin   sin   son

o -   coo   cor   cos   oho   ohs   ooh   orc   ors   rho   roc

p -   cop   hip   hop   ops   phi   pic   pis   poh   poi   pro   psi   rip   sip   sop

r -   cor   orc   ors   rho   roc   sir   sri

s -   cis   cos   his   ohs   ors   sic   sir   sis   sos   sri

t -   cot   hit   hot   its   ort   rot   sit   sot   tho   tic   tis   tor

u -   cur   our   sou

v -   vis

w -   cow   how   row   sow   who   wis   wos

x -   cox   six   sox   xis

y -   coy   cry   hoy   icy   shy   soy

z -   coz

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