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Words formed from any letters in offish, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

x -   foxfish

6 letters

a -   oafish

f -   offish

h -   offish

i -   offish

o -   offish

r -   shroff

s -   offish

t -   fifths   soffit

w -   howffs   whiffs

5 letters

a -   hafis   ohias

b -   biffs   boffs

c -   coffs   coifs   scoff

d -   doffs   fidos

e -   fiefs   fifes   hoise

j -   jiffs   shoji

k -   skiff

l -   filos   foils

m -   miffs

n -   finos   fohns   foins   infos   sniff

o -   hoofs

p -   spiff

r -   frosh   riffs

t -   fifth   foist   hoist   shift   stiff   tiffs   toffs

u -   huffs

w -   howff   howfs   whiff

y -   fishy

4 letters

a -   fash   oafs   ohia   sofa

b -   biff   bios   boff   bosh   fibs   fobs   hobs   obis

c -   chis   coff   coif   cosh   fico   fisc   foci   ichs

d -   dish   doff   fido   fids   hods   shod

e -   effs   fehs   fief   fife   foes   hies   hoes   hose   seif   shoe

f -   fish   offs

g -   figs   fogs   ghis   gosh   hogs   shog   sigh

h -   fish

i -   fish

j -   jiff   josh

k -   khis   kifs   kois

l -   filo   fils   foil   hols   oils   silo   soil   soli

m -   mhos   miff   miso   mosh   ohms   shim   shmo

n -   fino   fins   fohn   foin   fons   hins   hisn   hons   info   ions   nosh   shin   sinh

o -   hoof   offs   oohs   shoo

p -   fops   hips   hops   phis   pish   piso   pois   posh   ship   shop   soph

r -   firs   rhos   riff   rifs   shri   sori

s -   fish   foss   hiss   offs

t -   fist   fits   hist   hits   host   hots   shit   shot   sift   sith   soft   soth   thio   this   tiff   toff   tosh

u -   huff

v -   shiv

w -   howf   hows   show   wish

y -   foys   hoys   iffy

3 letters

a -   aff   ais   ash   fas   hao   has   oaf   sha

b -   bio   bis   bos   fib   fob   hob   obi   sib   sob

c -   chi   cis   cos   hic   ich   sic

d -   dis   dos   fid   hid   hod   ids   ods   sod

e -   eff   efs   feh   fie   foe   hes   hie   hoe   oes   ose   sei   she

f -   foh   iff   ifs   off

g -   fig   fog   ghi   gos   hog

h -   foh   his   ohs   shh

i -   his   iff   ifs

k -   khi   kif   koi   kos   ski

l -   fil   lis   oil   sol

m -   him   ism   mho   mis   mos   ohm   oms   sim   som

n -   fin   fon   hin   hon   ins   ion   noh   nos   ons   sin   son

o -   foh   off   oho   ohs   ooh

p -   fop   hip   hop   ops   phi   pis   poh   poi   psi   sip   sop

r -   fir   for   fro   ors   rho   rif   sir   sri

s -   his   ifs   ohs   sis   sos

t -   fit   hit   hot   its   oft   sit   sot   tho   tis

u -   fou   sou

v -   vis

w -   how   sow   who   wis   wos

x -   fix   fox   six   sox   xis

y -   foy   hoy   shy   soy

z -   fiz

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