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Words formed from any letters in ocas, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

c -   cocas

d -   codas

h -   chaos

l -   calos   coals   colas

m -   comas

n -   canso

p -   capos

r -   orcas

t -   ascot   coast   coats   costa   tacos

4 letters

a -   casa   ocas

b -   abos   boas   cabs   cobs   scab

c -   coca   ocas

d -   ados   cads   coda   cods   docs   scad   soda

e -   aces   case

f -   oafs   sofa

g -   cogs   goas   sago   scag

h -   cash   chao   cosh

i -   asci   ciao

j -   soja

k -   cask   koas   oaks   okas   sack   soak   sock

l -   also   calo   coal   cola   cols   lacs   loca   sola

m -   cams   coma   macs   moas   mocs   scam   soma

n -   cans   cons   naos   scan

o -   coos   ocas

p -   capo   caps   cops   pacs   scop   soap

r -   arco   arcs   cars   cors   oars   orca   orcs   osar   rocs   scar   soar   sora

s -   coss   ocas   ossa   sacs

t -   acts   cast   cats   coat   cost   cots   oast   oats   scat   scot   stoa   taco   taos

v -   avos   vacs

w -   caws   cows   scow

x -   coax   coxa

y -   cays   cosy   coys   soya

3 letters

a -   aas   oca   sac

b -   abo   abs   bas   boa   bos   cab   cob   sab   sob

c -   cos   oca   sac

d -   ado   ads   cad   cod   doc   dos   ods   sad   sod

e -   ace   oes   ose   sae   sea   sec

f -   fas   oaf

g -   ago   cog   gas   goa   gos   sag

h -   ash   hao   has   ohs   sha

i -   ais   cis   sic

k -   ask   kas   koa   kos   oak   oka   ska

l -   als   col   lac   las   sal   sol

m -   cam   mac   mas   moa   moc   mos   oms   som

n -   can   con   nos   ons   son

o -   coo   cos   oca

p -   asp   cap   cop   ops   pac   pas   sap   sop   spa

r -   arc   ars   car   cor   oar   ora   orc   ors   ras   roc

s -   ass   cos   sac   sos

t -   act   cat   cot   oat   sat   sot   tao   tas

u -   sau   sou

v -   avo   ova   vac   vas

w -   caw   cow   saw   sow   was   wos

x -   cox   sax   sox

y -   ays   cay   coy   say   soy

z -   azo   coz   zoa

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