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Words formed from any letters in ninth, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

s -   ninths

5 letters

e -   thein   thine

g -   night   thing

h -   ninth

i -   ninth

k -   think

n -   ninth

o -   niton

s -   hints   thins

t -   ninth

y -   hinny   tinny

4 letters

a -   anti   hant   tain   than

b -   bint

c -   chin   chit   inch   itch

d -   dint   hind

e -   hent   nine   nite   then   tine

g -   nigh   ting

h -   hint   thin

i -   hint   inti   thin

j -   jinn

k -   kith   knit

l -   hilt   linn   lint

m -   mint

n -   hint   thin

o -   into   thio

p -   pint   pith

r -   thir

s -   hins   hisn   hist   hits   inns   nits   shin   shit   sinh   sith   snit   this   tins

t -   hint   thin   tint

u -   hunt   unit

w -   twin   whin   whit   with

y -   tiny   tyin

3 letters

a -   ain   ait   ani   ant   hat   nah   nan   tan

b -   bin   bit   nib

c -   chi   hic   ich   tic

d -   din   dit   hid

e -   eth   hen   het   hie   net   ten   the   tie

f -   fin   fit

g -   ghi   gin   git

h -   hin   hit   nth

i -   hin   hit   inn   nit   tin

j -   jin

k -   ink   khi   kin   kit

l -   lin   lit   nil   til

m -   him   nim

n -   hin   inn   nit   nth   tin

o -   hon   hot   ion   noh   not   tho   ton

p -   hip   nip   phi   pht   pin   pit   tip

r -   rin

s -   his   ins   its   sin   sit   tis

t -   hit   nit   nth   tin   tit

u -   hun   hut   nun   nut   tui   tun

w -   win   wit

x -   nix

y -   thy   yin

z -   zin   zit

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