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Words formed from any letters in muscids, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

7 letters

b -   cubisms

c -   muscids

d -   muscids

e -   cesiums   miscued   miscues   misused

i -   muscids

j -   musjids

m -   muscids

n -   nudisms

o -   mucoids   sodiums

p -   cuspids

r -   crissum

s -   discuss   muscids

t -   dictums   miscuts

u -   muscids

6 letters

a -   amicus   asdics   sadism   sumacs   umiacs

b -   cubism

c -   discus   muscid   musics

d -   discus   muscid

e -   cesium   cuisse   cussed   deisms   dismes   disuse   issued   medics   medius   miscue   missed   misuse   mussed   sedums

h -   schism

i -   discus   muscid   musics

j -   musjid

k -   kumiss

m -   muscid   musics

n -   cumins   mucins   nudism

o -   discos   mucoid   odiums   osmics   sodium

p -   cupids   cuspid   cuspis

q -   squids

r -   murids   scrims   scrums

s -   discus   missus   muscid   musics

t -   cistus   dictum   midsts   miscut

u -   discus   muscid   musics

v -   viscus

y -   mysids

5 letters

a -   acids   amids   amiss   ascus   asdic   cadis   caids   casus   dumas   maids   mauds   micas   musca   sadis   saids   scads   scams   simas   sumac   umiac

b -   dumbs

c -   discs   mucid   music   scudi   scuds   scums

d -   discs   mucid   scudi   scuds   sudds

e -   cedis   deism   dices   dimes   disme   duces   issue   medic   mesic   mises   mused   muses   sedum   seism   semis   sices   sides

f -   cuifs   ficus   fiscs

g -   guids

h -   chums   cuish   humic   humid   shims   sushi

i -   disci   discs   imids   midis   mucid   music   scudi

j -   jisms

k -   cusks   dicks   disks   ducks   dusks   micks   mucks   musks   sicks   skids   skims   sucks

l -   culms   lucid   ludic   silds   slims   slums   sulci

m -   mucid   music   scums

n -   cumin   incus   minds   minus   mucin   munis   nidus   nisus   sinus

o -   cusso   disco   domic   doums   duomi   misdo   misos   modus   odium   osmic   scudo   sodic   sumos

p -   cupid   cusps   dumps   pudic   scups   simps   spics   spuds   sumps

q -   quids   squid

r -   cruds   curds   drums   murid   risus   scrim   scrum   surds

s -   discs   music   scudi   scuds   scums

t -   cists   cutis   ducts   duits   dusts   ictus   midst   mists   musts   scuts   situs   smuts   studs   stums   suits   tumid

u -   mucid   mucus   music   scudi   scuds   scums

w -   swims

y -   cissy   missy   mussy   mysid   sudsy

4 letters

a -   acid   aids   aims   amid   amis   amus   asci   cadi   cads   caid   cams   dais   dams   duma   macs   mads   maid   mass   maud   mica   sacs   sadi   said   scad   scam   sima

b -   bids   buds   bums   buss   cubs   dibs   dubs   dumb   mibs   sibs   subs

c -   cuds   cuss   disc   duci   scud   scum   sics

d -   cuds   dims   disc   diss   duci   duds   mids   muds   scud   sudd   suds

e -   cedi   cess   cued   cues   dice   dies   dime   duce   dues   ecus   emic   emus   iced   ices   idem   ides   mess   mice   mise   muse   secs   seis   semi   sice   side   sued   sues   used   uses

f -   cuif   fids   fisc   fuci   fuds   fuss

g -   cigs   digs   dugs   gids   guid   gums   migs   mugs   smug

h -   chid   chis   chum   dish   hiss   huic   hums   ichs   much   mush   shim   such

i -   dims   disc   diss   duci   imid   isms   midi   mids   miss   sics   sims

j -   jism

k -   cusk   dick   disk   duck   dusk   kids   kiss   mick   muck   musk   sick   skid   skim   skis   suck

l -   culm   lids   lums   mild   mils   sild   slid   slim   slum

m -   dims   isms   mids   miss   muds   mums   muss   scum   sims   sums

n -   dins   duns   mind   muni   muns   nims   sins   suns   unci

o -   cods   coss   docs   doms   doss   doum   duos   miso   mocs   modi   mods   moss   odic   ouds   sods   sous   sumo   udos

p -   cups   cusp   dips   dump   dups   imps   pics   piss   psis   puds   puss   scup   simp   sips   spic   spud   sump   sups   umps

q -   quid   suqs

r -   cris   crud   crus   curd   curs   drum   mirs   rids   rims   rums   sirs   sris   surd   urds   uric

s -   cuds   cuss   dims   disc   diss   isms   mids   miss   muds   muss   scud   scum   sics   sims   suds   sums   suss

t -   cist   cuts   dits   duct   duit   dust   mist   must   muts   scut   sits   smit   smut   stud   stum   suit   tics   tuis

u -   cuds   cuss   duci   muds   muss   scud   scum   suds   sums

v -   vims

w -   cwms   swim   swum   wiss   wuss

y -   yids

3 letters

a -   ads   aid   aim   ais   ami   amu   ass   cad   cam   dam   mac   mad   mas   sac   sad   sau

b -   bid   bis   bud   bum   bus   cub   dib   dub   mib   sib   sub

c -   cis   cud   cum   sic

d -   cud   did   dim   dis   dud   dui   ids   mid   mud

e -   cue   die   due   ecu   eds   ems   emu   ess   ice   med   sec   sei   sue   use

f -   fid   fud   ifs

g -   cig   dig   dug   gid   gum   mig   mug

h -   chi   duh   hic   hid   him   his   hum   ich

i -   cis   dim   dis   dui   ids   ism   mid   mis   sic   sim   sis

j -   jus

k -   ick   kid   ski

l -   lid   lis   lum   mil

m -   cum   dim   ism   mid   mim   mis   mud   mum   mus   sim   sum   umm

n -   din   dun   ins   mun   nim   nus   sin   sun   uns

o -   cod   cos   doc   dom   dos   duo   moc   mod   mos   ods   oms   oud   sod   som   sos   sou   udo

p -   cup   dip   dup   imp   pic   pis   piu   psi   pud   pus   sip   sup   ump   ups

q -   suq

r -   cur   mir   rid   rim   rum   sir   sri   urd

s -   cis   dis   ids   ism   mis   mus   sic   sim   sis   sum

t -   cut   dit   its   mut   sit   tic   tis   tui   uts

u -   cud   cum   dui   mud   mus   sum

v -   vim   vis

w -   cwm   wis   wud

x -   mix   six   xis

y -   icy   yid   yum

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