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Words formed from any letters in molt, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

e -   motel

o -   molto

s -   molts   smolt

u -   moult

4 letters

a -   alto   atom   loam   lota   malt   moat   mola   tola

b -   blot   bolt   tomb

c -   clot   colt

d -   dolt   mold   told

e -   melt   mole   mote   tole   tome

f -   loft

g -   glom

h -   holm   holt   loth   moth

i -   limo   loti   milo   milt   moil   omit   toil

j -   jolt

l -   moll   molt   toll

m -   molt

o -   loom   loot   molt   mool   moot   tool   toom

p -   plot

r -   mort   rotl

s -   lost   lots   mols   most   mots   slot   toms

t -   molt   mott

u -   lout   tolu

v -   volt

y -   moly

3 letters

a -   alt   lam   lat   mat   moa   oat   tam   tao

b -   bot   lob   mob

c -   col   cot   moc

d -   dol   dom   dot   mod   old   tod

e -   elm   let   mel   met   ole   tel   toe

f -   oft

g -   got   log   mog   tog

h -   hot   mho   ohm   tho

i -   lit   mil   oil   til

j -   jot

l -   lot   mol

m -   mol   mom   mot   tom

n -   mon   nom   not   ton

o -   loo   lot   mol   moo   mot   oot   tom   too

p -   lop   mop   opt   pol   pom   pot   top

r -   mor   ort   rom   rot   tor

s -   mos   oms   sol   som   sot

t -   lot   mot   tom   tot

u -   lum   mut   out

w -   low   mow   owl   tow   two   wot

x -   lox

y -   toy   yom

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