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Words formed from any letters in molal, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

h -   mollah

s -   slalom

t -   maltol

w -   mallow

5 letters

a -   alamo   llama   molal

c -   comal   local

d -   aldol   allod   dolma   domal   modal

e -   amole

g -   gloam

h -   hallo   holla

i -   maill

l -   molal

m -   molal

n -   llano

o -   molal   moola

r -   loral   molar   moral

s -   loams   malls   molas   molls   ollas   salol   small

t -   allot   atoll

u -   mulla

w -   allow

y -   alloy   loamy   loyal   molly

4 letters

a -   alma   lama   loam   mall   mola   olla

b -   ambo   ball   balm   blam   bola   boll   lamb

c -   call   calm   calo   clam   coal   cola   coma   loca

d -   doll   load   mold

e -   alme   aloe   lame   leal   male   meal   mell   mole   olea

f -   fall   flam   foal   foam   loaf

g -   gall   gaol   glom   goal   ogam

h -   hall   halm   halo   holm

i -   lima   limo   mail   mill   milo   moil

k -   amok   kola   mako

l -   lall   loam   loll   mall   mola   moll   olla

m -   ammo   loam   mall   malm   mola   moll

n -   loan   mano   moan   noma

o -   loam   loom   mola   moll   mool   olla

p -   lamp   opal   pall   palm   poll

r -   marl   mora   oral   roam   roll

s -   alls   alms   also   lams   moas   mols   sall   slam   sola   soma

t -   alto   atom   lota   malt   moat   molt   tall   tola   toll

u -   alum   maul   mull

v -   oval

w -   alow   awol   wall

x -   moxa

y -   ally   amyl   mayo   moly

3 letters

a -   aal   ala   all   ama   lam   moa

b -   abo   alb   bal   bam   boa   lab   lob   mob

c -   cam   col   lac   mac   moc   oca

d -   ado   dal   dam   dol   dom   lad   mad   mod   old

e -   ale   ell   elm   lea   mae   mel   ole

f -   oaf

g -   ago   gal   gam   goa   lag   log   mag   mog

h -   ham   hao   mho   ohm

i -   ail   aim   ami   ill   mil   oil

j -   jam

k -   koa   oak   oka

l -   all   lam   mol

m -   lam   moa   mol   mom

n -   man   mon   nam   nom

o -   loo   moa   mol   moo

p -   alp   amp   lap   lop   map   mop   pal   pam   pol   pom

r -   arm   lar   mar   mor   oar   ora   ram   rom

s -   als   las   mas   mos   oms   sal   sol   som

t -   alt   lat   lot   mat   mot   oat   tam   tao   tom

u -   amu   lum

v -   avo   lav   ova

w -   awl   law   low   maw   mow   owl

x -   lax   lox   max

y -   lay   may   yam   yom

z -   azo   zoa

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