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Words formed from any letters in mats, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

a -   atmas

e -   mates   meats   satem   steam   tames   teams

h -   maths

i -   maist   tamis

l -   malts   smalt

o -   atoms   moats   stoma

p -   stamp   tamps

r -   marts   smart   trams

s -   masts

t -   matts

u -   mauts

y -   mayst

4 letters

a -   amas   atma   mast   mats   tams

b -   bams   bast   bats   stab   tabs

c -   acts   cams   cast   cats   macs   scam   scat

d -   dams   mads   tads

e -   ates   east   eats   etas   maes   mate   meat   mesa   meta   same   sate   seam   seat   seta   stem   tame   team   teas

f -   fast   fats

g -   gams   gast   gats   mags   stag   tags

h -   hams   hast   hats   mash   math   sham   shat

i -   aims   aits   amis   mist   sati   sima   smit

j -   jams

k -   kats   mask   skat   task

l -   alms   alts   lams   last   lats   malt   salt   slam   slat

m -   mast   mats   tams

n -   ants   mans   tans

o -   atom   moas   moat   most   mots   oast   oats   soma   stoa   taos   toms

p -   amps   maps   pams   past   pats   samp   spam   spat   tamp   taps

q -   qats

r -   arms   arts   mars   mart   rams   rats   star   tars   tram   tsar

s -   mass   mast   mats   tams   tass

t -   mast   mats   matt   stat   tams   tats

u -   amus   maut   must   muts   smut   stum   taus   utas

v -   tavs   vast   vats

w -   maws   staw   swam   swat   taws   twas   wast   wats

y -   mays   stay   yams

3 letters

a -   aas   ama   mas   mat   sat   tam   tas

b -   abs   bam   bas   bat   sab   tab

c -   act   cam   cat   mac   sac

d -   ads   dam   mad   sad   tad

e -   ate   eat   ems   eta   mae   met   sae   sea   set   tae   tea

f -   aft   fas   fat

g -   gam   gas   gat   mag   sag   tag

h -   ash   ham   has   hat   sha

i -   aim   ais   ait   ami   ism   its   mis   sim   sit   tis

j -   jam   taj

k -   ask   kas   kat   ska   tsk

l -   als   alt   lam   las   lat   sal

m -   mas   mat   tam

n -   ant   man   nam   tan

o -   moa   mos   mot   oat   oms   som   sot   tao   tom

p -   amp   apt   asp   map   pam   pas   pat   sap   spa   tap

q -   qat

r -   arm   ars   art   mar   ram   ras   rat   tar

s -   ass   mas   sat   tas

t -   att   mat   sat   tam   tas   tat

u -   amu   mus   mut   sau   sum   tau   uta   uts

v -   tav   vas   vat

w -   maw   saw   taw   twa   was   wat

x -   max   sax   tax

y -   ays   may   say   sty   yam

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