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Words formed from any letters in loup, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

e -   loupe

i -   poilu

s -   loups

t -   poult

4 letters

a -   opal   pula

c -   clop   coup

d -   loud   plod   updo

e -   lope   pole   pule

f -   flop   foul   pouf

g -   glop   gulp   plug

h -   holp   ouph

i -   puli

l -   loup   poll   pull

m -   lump   plum

n -   upon

o -   loop   loup   polo   pool

p -   loup   plop   pulp

r -   lour   pour   purl   roup

s -   lops   opus   plus   pols   puls   slop   soul   soup

t -   lout   plot   pout   tolu

u -   loup

w -   plow

y -   ploy   poly

3 letters

a -   alp   lap   pal

b -   bop   lob   pub

c -   col   cop   cup

d -   dol   duo   dup   old   oud   pod   pud   udo

e -   leu   ole   ope

f -   flu   fop   fou

g -   gul   log   lug   pug

h -   hop   hup   poh

i -   lip   oil   piu   poi

k -   kop

l -   lop   pol   pul

m -   lum   mol   mop   pom   ump

n -   pun

o -   loo   lop   pol   upo

p -   lop   pol   pop   pul   pup   upo

r -   our   pro   pur

s -   ops   pus   sol   sop   sou   sup   ups

t -   lot   opt   out   pot   put   top   tup

u -   pul   ulu   upo

v -   luv

w -   low   owl   pow   wop

x -   lox   lux   pox

y -   ply   you   yup

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