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Words formed from any letters in loci, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

b -   cibol

c -   colic

d -   dolci

e -   oleic

g -   logic

n -   colin   nicol

s -   coils

t -   lotic

u -   oculi

w -   wilco

4 letters

a -   calo   ciao   coal   cola   laic   loca

b -   bloc   boil

c -   coil   loci

d -   clod   cold   diol   idol   lido   odic

e -   ceil   cole   lice

f -   coif   fico   filo   flic   floc   foci   foil

g -   clog

h -   lich   loch

i -   coil   loci

k -   kilo   lick   lock

l -   coil   loci

m -   limo   milo   moil

n -   cion   clon   coin   coni   icon   lino   lion   loin   noil

o -   coil   cool   loci   loco   olio

p -   clip   clop

r -   coir   roil

s -   cols   oils   silo   soil   soli

t -   clit   clot   colt   loti   otic   toil

v -   viol

w -   cowl

y -   cloy   coly   oily

z -   zoic

3 letters

a -   ail   lac   oca

b -   bio   cob   lib   lob   obi

c -   col

d -   cod   doc   dol   lid   old

e -   cel   ice   lei   lie   ole

f -   fil

g -   cig   cog   log

h -   chi   hic   ich

i -   oil

k -   ick   ilk   koi

l -   col   ill   oil

m -   mil   moc   mol

n -   con   ion   lin   nil

o -   col   coo   loo   oil

p -   cop   lip   lop   pic   poi   pol

r -   cor   orc   roc

s -   cis   cos   lis   sic   sol

t -   cot   lit   lot   tic   til

w -   cow   low   owl

x -   cox   lox

y -   coy   icy

z -   coz

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