More Words

Words formed from any letters in lancers, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

8 letters

d -   candlers

e -   cleaners   cleanser   recleans

g -   clangers   glancers

h -   charnels

i -   carlines   lanciers

k -   crankles

n -   scrannel

t -   centrals

u -   lucarnes

7 letters

a -   anlaces   arsenal   lancers   scalare

c -   cancels   cancers   carcels   lancers

d -   calends   candler   candles   cradles   dancers   darnels   landers   slander   snarled

e -   careens   caserne   cereals   cleaner   cleanse   crenels   enlaces   lancers   leaners   recanes   reclean   relaces   rescale   scalene   sclerae

g -   anglers   clanger   glancer   glances

h -   charnel   clasher   larches   ranches

i -   aliners   arcsine   arsenic   carline   carlins   carnies   claries   eclairs   inlaces   nailers   renails   sanicle   scaleni   scalier

k -   calkers   cankers   crankle   lackers   rankles   slacken   slacker

l -   callers   cellars   lancers   recalls   scleral

m -   almners   marcels

n -   cannels   canners   ensnarl   lancers   lanners   scanner

o -   claroes   cloners   coalers   coarsen   corneal   corneas   cornels   escolar   loaners   narcose   oracles   recoals   reloans   solacer

p -   carpels   clasper   enclasp   parcels   placers   planers   prances   reclasp   replans   scalper   spancel

r -   carrels   lancers   snarler

s -   ancress   carless   caserns   classer   lancers   scalers   scleras

t -   antlers   canters   cantles   carnets   cartels   centals   central   clarets   crestal   lancets   nectars   recants   rentals   saltern   scanter   scarlet   sternal   tanrecs   trances

u -   censual   lacunes   launces   lucarne   lucerns   nuclear   recusal   secular   unclear   unlaces

v -   carvels   caverns   clavers   cravens

w -   clawers

y -   carneys   larceny

6 letters

a -   anears   anlace   arcane   arecas   arenas   caesar   calesa   canals   caners   carles   carnal   casern   cleans   clears   craals   cranes   lacers   lancer   lances   lascar   learns   nacres   rances   rascal   sacral   scalar   scaler   sclera

b -   balers   blares   blears   braces   cabers   cables

c -   calces   cancel   cancer   caners   carcel   carles   casern   cleans   clears   cranes   lacers   lancer   lances   nacres   rances   scaler   scarce   sclera

d -   alders   ascend   cadres   candle   cedarn   cedars   clades   cradle   craned   credal   dancer   dances   darnel   decals   denars   elands   ladens   laders   lanced   lander   nacred   naleds   reclad   redans   sacred   sander   scaled   scared   sendal   snared

e -   aneles   caners   careen   carles   casern   censer   cereal   cleans   clears   cranes   crease   creels   crenel   encase   enlace   lacers   lancer   lances   larees   leaner   learns   leaser   nacres   rances   ranees   reales   recane   relace   resale   reseal   scaler   sclera   screen   sealer   seance   secern   seneca

f -   facers   falces   falser   farces   farles   flanes   flares   francs

g -   angels   angers   angler   angles   argles   cagers   clangs   glaces   glance   glares   gleans   gnarls   graces   lagers   larges   ranges   regnal   sanger

h -   arches   ashler   chares   chaser   chelas   encash   eschar   halers   hances   hansel   laches   lasher   naches   search

i -   aliens   aliner   alines   ariels   arisen   arsine   cairns   caries   carlin   carnie   casein   cerias   clines   eclair   elains   ericas   incase   inlace   lacier   larine   lianes   linacs   linear   liners   nailer   relics   renail   resail   sailer   saline   serail   serial   silane   slicer

k -   ankles   calker   canker   clanks   clerks   crakes   cranks   creaks   lacker   lakers   lanker   rackle   rankle   sacker   screak   slaker

l -   caller   carles   cellar   cleans   clears   lacers   lancer   lances   learns   recall   scaler   sclera

m -   almner   calmer   camels   carmen   creams   lemans   macers   macles   marcel   mensal   mescal   namers   ramens   realms   remans   scream

n -   caners   cannel   canner   casern   cleans   cranes   lancer   lances   lanner   learns   nacres   nances   rances

o -   acorns   anoles   arseno   canoes   carols   censor   ceorls   claros   cloner   clones   closer   coaler   coarse   corals   cornea   cornel   cresol   crones   enrols   lanose   loaner   loners   lorans   narcos   nerols   oceans   oracle   racons   reason   recoal   recons   reloan   senora   solace

p -   arpens   capers   carpel   crapes   escarp   lapser   pacers   panels   parcel   parles   parsec   pearls   pecans   placer   places   planer   planes   prance   recaps   replan   scrape   secpar   spacer

r -   caners   carers   carles   carrel   casern   clears   cranes   lacers   lancer   learns   nacres   racers   rances   scaler   scarer   sclera   snarer

s -   caners   caress   carles   carses   casern   cleans   clears   cranes   crases   escars   lacers   lances   lasers   learns   nacres   rances   rassle   sarsen   scaler   scales   scares   scenas   sclera   seracs   snares   snarls

t -   alerts   alters   antler   antres   artels   ascent   astern   canter   cantle   carets   carnet   cartel   cartes   caster   castle   caters   cental   centas   centra   claret   cleats   crates   eclats   enacts   estral   lancet   laster   latens   learnt   nectar   ratels   reacts   recant   recast   rectal   rental   salter   secant   slater   staler   stance   stelar   sterna   talers   tanrec   traces   trance

u -   caules   causer   cesura   clause   cuneal   lacune   launce   lucern   lucres   lunars   neural   saucer   saurel   ulcers   uncase   uncles   unlace   unreal   unseal   usance

v -   calves   carvel   carven   carves   cavern   cavers   claver   claves   craven   craves   lavers   navels   ravels   ravens   salver   serval   slaver   velars   vernal   versal

w -   answer   clawer   crawls   resawn   scrawl   walers   warsle

x -   calxes

y -   carney   creasy   cresyl   layers   nearly   relays   sanely   scarey   senary   slayer   snarly   yearns

z -   crazes

5 letters

a -   acnes   acres   alane   alans   alecs   anear   anlas   ansae   areal   areas   areca   arena   arles   canal   caner   canes   cares   carle   carls   carns   carse   clans   clean   clear   craal   crane   earls   earns   elans   escar   lacer   laces   lance   lanes   lares   laser   leans   learn   lears   nacre   narcs   nares   nasal   nears   races   rales   rance   reals   renal   sacra   saner   saran   scale   scare   scena   serac   seral   snare   snarl

b -   abler   ables   acerb   baler   bales   banes   bares   barns   baser   beans   bears   blare   blase   blear   brace   braes   brans   brens   caber   cable   carbs   crabs   nabes   saber   sable   sabre

c -   acnes   acres   alecs   caner   canes   cares   carle   carls   carns   carse   cecal   clans   clean   clear   crane   escar   lacer   laces   lance   nacre   narcs   races   rance   scale   scare   scena   serac

d -   acned   acred   alder   arced   cades   cadre   caned   cards   cared   cased   cedar   clade   clads   daces   dales   dance   dares   darns   deals   deans   dears   decal   denar   eland   laced   laden   lader   lades   lands   lards   lased   leads   lends   naled   nards   nerds   raced   rands   rased   reads   redan   rends   saned   scald   scend   sedan

e -   acnes   acres   alecs   anele   arles   caner   canes   cares   carle   carse   cease   cense   ceres   clean   clear   crane   creel   earls   earns   easel   elans   erase   ernes   escar   lacer   laces   lance   lanes   laree   lares   laser   leans   learn   lears   lease   leers   lenes   lense   nacre   nares   nears   races   rales   rance   ranee   reals   reels   renal   saner   saree   scale   scare   scena   scene   scree   serac   seral   snare   sneer

f -   alefs   cafes   calfs   clefs   facer   faces   false   fanes   farce   fares   farle   farls   fears   fecal   feral   ferns   flans   flare   fleas   franc   frena   leafs   safer   scarf

g -   agers   angel   anger   angle   argle   cager   cages   clags   clang   crags   gales   gears   glace   glans   glare   glean   glens   gnarl   gnars   grace   grans   lager   large   rages   range   regal   regna   sager   sarge   scrag   slang

h -   aches   ashen   chare   chars   chase   chela   clash   crash   haler   hales   hance   hanse   hares   harls   heals   hears   herls   herns   larch   leach   leash   lehrs   ranch   reach   rheas   selah   shale   share   sharn   sheal   shear

i -   airns   aisle   alien   aline   anile   anils   anise   areic   ariel   arils   arise   cains   cairn   ceils   ceria   cines   cires   cline   cries   elain   erica   ileac   laics   lairs   laris   lenis   liane   liars   liens   liers   linac   liner   lines   liras   nails   naric   naris   nicer   rails   rains   raise   ranis   reins   relic   resin   rials   rices   riels   riles   rinse   risen   saice   salic   sarin   serai   serin   since   siren   slain   slice   slier   snail

j -   janes   jarls   jeans   rajes

k -   ankle   asker   cakes   calks   carks   clank   clerk   crake   crank   creak   eskar   kales   kanes   karns   kerns   knars   lacks   laker   lakes   larks   leaks   narks   necks   racks   rakes   ranks   recks   saker   skean   slack   slake   slank   snack   snake   snark   sneak   sneck

l -   alecs   arles   calls   carle   carls   cella   cells   clans   clean   clear   earls   elans   lacer   laces   lance   lanes   lares   laser   leans   learn   lears   rales   reals   renal   scale   scall   seral   snarl   snell

m -   acmes   almes   amens   calms   camel   cames   clams   crams   cream   lamer   lames   leman   macer   maces   macle   males   manes   manse   marcs   mares   marls   marse   maser   meals   means   mensa   merls   namer   names   nemas   ramen   realm   reams   reman   scram   smear

n -   acnes   caner   canes   carns   clans   clean   crane   earns   elans   lance   lanes   leans   learn   nacre   nance   narcs   nares   nears   rance   renal   saner   scena   senna   snare   snarl

o -   acorn   aeons   aloes   alone   anole   arose   arson   calos   canoe   canso   carol   ceorl   ceros   claro   clone   clons   close   coals   colas   coles   cones   coral   cores   corns   corse   crone   enols   enrol   lenos   loans   loner   loran   lores   loser   narco   nerol   noels   ocean   ocrea   onces   orals   orcas   orles   racon   recon   roans   roles   salon   scone   score   scorn   senor   snore   socle   solan   solar   sonar   sorel

p -   apers   apres   arpen   aspen   asper   caper   capes   carps   claps   clasp   crape   craps   lapse   leaps   napes   neaps   pacer   paces   paler   pales   panel   panes   pares   parle   parse   peals   peans   pearl   pears   pecan   penal   place   plane   plans   pleas   plena   prase   presa   rapes   reaps   recap   salep   scalp   scape   scarp   scrap   sepal   sneap   space   spale   spare   spean   spear

r -   acres   arles   caner   carer   cares   carle   carls   carns   carrs   carse   clear   crane   earls   earns   escar   lacer   lares   laser   learn   lears   nacre   narcs   nares   nears   racer   races   rales   rance   rares   raser   reals   rears   renal   reran   saner   scare   serac   seral   snare   snarl

s -   acnes   acres   alecs   arles   arses   canes   cares   carls   carns   carse   cases   clans   class   crass   cress   earls   earns   elans   escar   laces   lanes   lares   laser   lases   leans   lears   narcs   nares   nears   races   rales   rases   reals   sales   saner   sanes   scale   scans   scare   scars   scena   seals   sears   sensa   serac   seral   snare   snarl

t -   alert   alter   antes   antre   artel   aster   canst   cants   caret   carte   carts   caste   cater   cates   celts   cents   cesta   clast   cleat   crate   crest   eclat   enact   etnas   laten   later   leant   least   nates   neats   nerts   rants   ratel   rates   react   recta   rents   scant   scart   scent   setal   slant   slate   stale   stane   stare   steal   stela   stern   taces   taels   talcs   taler   tales   tares   tarns   teals   tears   terns   tesla   trace   trans

u -   arcus   aures   cauls   cause   clues   cruel   cruse   cures   curls   curns   curse   ecrus   luces   lucre   lunar   lunas   lunes   lures   nurls   nurse   rules   runes   sauce   scaur   sucre   sural   ulans   ulcer   ulnae   ulnar   ulnas   uncle   urase   ureal   ureas   ursae   usnea

v -   avens   avers   calve   carve   caver   caves   clave   crave   laver   laves   navel   naves   ravel   raven   raves   salve   saver   selva   slave   vales   valse   vanes   veals   velar   venal

w -   claws   clews   crawl   craws   crews   lawns   resaw   rewan   sawer   screw   sewan   sewar   swale   sware   swear   waler   wales   wanes   wares   warns   weals   weans   wears   wrens

x -   axels   axles   carex   laxer   raxes   relax

y -   acyls   aryls   carny   clary   clays   cyans   early   eyras   lacey   layer   leary   lyase   lycea   lyres   relay   resay   sayer   scaly   scary   slyer   syren   yarns   yeans   yearn   years

z -   craze   czars   lazes   razes   zeals

4 letters

a -   aals   aces   acne   acre   alae   alan   alar   alas   alec   ales   anal   anas   anes   ansa   arcs   area   ares   arse   asea   cane   cans   care   carl   carn   cars   casa   case   clan   earl   earn   ears   elan   eras   lace   lacs   lane   lars   lase   lean   lear   leas   narc   near   race   rale   rase   real   sale   sane   scan   scar   seal   sear   sera

b -   able   albs   arbs   bale   bals   bane   bans   bare   barn   bars   base   bean   bear   bels   bens   blae   brae   bran   bras   bren   cabs   carb   crab   labs   nabe   nabs   nebs   rebs   sabe   scab   slab

c -   aces   acne   acre   alec   arcs   cane   cans   care   carl   carn   cars   case   ceca   cels   clan   lace   lacs   narc   race   recs   scan   scar

d -   aced   ands   cade   cads   card   clad   dace   dale   dals   dare   darn   deal   dean   dear   dels   dens   elds   ends   lade   lads   land   lard   lead   lend   nard   nerd   rads   rand   read   reds   rend   sade   sand   sard   scad   send   sled   sned

e -   aces   acne   acre   alec   alee   ales   anes   ares   arse   cane   care   case   cees   cels   cere   earl   earn   ears   ease   eels   elan   else   eras   erne   erns   lace   lane   lase   lean   lear   leas   leer   lees   lens   near   race   rale   rase   real   recs   reel   rees   sale   sane   seal   sear   seel   seen   seer   sene   sera   sere

f -   alef   arfs   cafe   calf   clef   face   fane   fans   fare   farl   feal   fear   fens   fern   flan   flea   frae   leaf   refs   safe   self   serf

g -   ager   ages   cage   clag   crag   egal   engs   ergs   gaen   gaes   gale   gals   gane   gars   gear   gels   gens   glen   gnar   gran   lags   lang   legs   nags   rage   rags   rang   regs   sage   sang   scag   slag   snag

h -   ache   arch   cash   char   each   haen   haes   hale   hare   harl   heal   hear   hens   herl   hern   hers   lash   lech   lehr   rash   resh   rhea   shea

i -   ails   ains   airn   airs   anil   anis   aril   asci   cain   ceil   cine   cire   cris   ices   ilea   ires   isle   laic   lain   lair   lari   leis   liar   lice   lien   lier   lies   line   lins   lira   lire   nail   nice   nils   rail   rain   rani   rein   reis   rial   rias   rice   riel   rile   rins   rise   sail   sain   sari   sial   sice   sine   sire

j -   jane   jarl   jars   jean

k -   arks   cake   calk   cark   cask   elks   kaes   kale   kane   karn   keas   kens   kern   knar   lack   lake   lank   lark   leak   leks   nark   neck   rack   rake   rank   reck   sack   sake   sank   sark

l -   alec   ales   alls   call   carl   cell   cels   clan   earl   elan   ells   lace   lacs   lane   lars   lase   leal   lean   lear   leas   lens   rale   real   sale   sall   seal   sell

m -   acme   alme   alms   amen   arms   calm   came   cams   clam   cram   elms   lame   lams   mace   macs   maes   male   mane   mans   marc   mare   marl   mars   meal   mean   mels   merl   mesa   name   nema   rams   ream   rems   same   scam   seam   slam

n -   acne   anes   cane   cans   carn   clan   earn   elan   erns   lane   lean   lens   nans   narc   near   sane   scan

o -   aeon   aero   aloe   also   arco   calo   cero   clon   coal   cola   cole   cols   cone   cons   core   corn   cors   enol   eons   eros   leno   loan   loca   lone   lore   lorn   lose   naos   noel   noes   nose   oars   ocas   olea   oles   once   ones   oral   orca   orcs   ores   orle   osar   roan   rocs   roes   role   rose   sloe   soar   sola   sole   sone   sora   sore   sorn

p -   alps   aper   apes   apse   cape   caps   carp   ceps   clap   crap   laps   leap   nape   naps   neap   pace   pacs   pale   pals   pane   pans   pare   pars   pase   peal   pean   pear   peas   pecs   pens   plan   plea   rape   raps   rasp   reap   reps   salp   slap   snap   spae   span   spar   spec

r -   acre   arcs   ares   arse   care   carl   carn   carr   cars   earl   earn   ears   eras   erns   errs   lars   lear   narc   near   race   rale   rare   rase   real   rear   recs   scar   sear   sera

s -   aces   ales   anes   arcs   ares   arse   cans   cars   case   cels   cess   ears   eras   erns   lacs   lars   lase   lass   leas   lens   less   ness   rase   recs   sacs   sale   sals   sane   sans   scan   scar   seal   sear   seas   secs   sels   sera   sers

t -   acts   alts   ante   ants   arts   ates   cant   cart   cast   cate   cats   celt   cent   east   eats   erst   etas   etna   last   late   lats   lent   lest   lets   neat   nest   nets   rant   rate   rats   rent   rest   rets   salt   sate   scat   seat   sect   sent   seta   slat   star   tace   tael   talc   tale   tans   tare   tarn   tars   teal   tear   teas   tela   tels   tens   tern   tsar

u -   anus   caul   clue   crus   cues   cure   curl   curn   curs   ecru   ecus   luce   lues   luna   lune   lure   nurl   rues   rule   rune   runs   ruse   saul   slue   slur   suer   sura   sure   ulan   ulna   urea   urns   ursa   user

v -   aver   aves   cave   lave   lavs   leva   nave   rave   revs   save   vacs   vale   vane   vans   vars   vase   veal   vela   vena   vera

w -   anew   awes   awls   awns   caws   claw   clew   craw   crew   lawn   laws   news   raws   sawn   sewn   slaw   slew   snaw   swan   waes   wale   wane   wans   ware   warn   wars   weal   wean   wear   wens   wren

x -   axel   axes   axle   calx

y -   acyl   aery   aryl   ayes   cays   clay   cyan   easy   eyas   eyra   lacy   lays   leys   lyes   lyre   lyse   nary   nays   racy   rays   rely   ryas   ryes   scry   slay   snye   syce   sync   syne   yare   yarn   yean   year   yeas   yens

z -   czar   laze   raze   zeal

3 letters

a -   aal   aas   ace   ala   ale   als   ana   ane   arc   are   ars   can   car   ear   era   lac   lar   las   lea   nae   ran   ras   sac   sae   sal   sea

b -   abs   alb   arb   bal   ban   bar   bas   bel   ben   bra   cab   lab   nab   neb   reb   sab

c -   ace   arc   can   car   cel   lac   rec   sac   sec

d -   ads   and   cad   dal   del   den   eds   eld   end   lad   led   rad   red   sad

e -   ace   ale   ane   are   cee   cel   ear   eel   els   ens   era   ere   ern   ers   lea   lee   nae   nee   rec   ree   res   sae   sea   sec   see   sel   sen   ser

f -   arf   efs   elf   fan   far   fas   fen   fer   ref

g -   age   eng   erg   gae   gal   gan   gar   gas   gel   gen   lag   leg   nag   rag   reg   sag   seg

h -   ash   hae   has   hen   her   hes   nah   rah   sha   she

i -   ail   ain   air   ais   ani   cis   ice   ins   ire   lei   lie   lin   lis   nil   rei   ria   rin   sei   sic   sin   sir   sri

j -   jar   raj

k -   ark   ask   elk   kae   kas   kea   ken   lek   ska

l -   ale   all   als   cel   ell   els   lac   lar   las   lea   sal   sel

m -   arm   cam   elm   ems   lam   mac   mae   man   mar   mas   mel   men   nam   ram   rem

n -   ane   can   ens   ern   nae   nan   ran   sen

o -   col   con   cor   cos   eon   nor   nos   oar   oca   oes   ole   one   ons   ora   orc   ore   ors   ose   roc   roe   sol   son

p -   alp   ape   asp   cap   cep   lap   nap   pac   pal   pan   par   pas   pea   pec   pen   per   pes   rap   rep   sap   spa

r -   arc   are   ars   car   ear   era   ern   err   ers   lar   ran   ras   rec   res   ser

s -   als   ars   ass   els   ens   ers   ess   las   ras   res   sac   sae   sal   sea   sec   sel   sen   ser

t -   act   alt   ant   art   ate   cat   eat   eta   lat   let   net   rat   ret   sat   set   tae   tan   tar   tas   tea   tel   ten

u -   cue   cur   eau   ecu   leu   nus   rue   run   sau   sue   sun   uns   urn   use

v -   ave   lav   lev   rev   vac   van   var   vas

w -   awe   awl   awn   caw   law   naw   new   raw   saw   sew   wae   wan   war   was   wen

x -   axe   lax   lex   rax   rex   sax   sex

y -   any   aye   ays   cay   cry   lay   ley   lye   nay   ray   rya   rye   say   sly   syn   yar   yea   yen   yes

z -   lez

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