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Words formed from any letters in krill, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

6 letters

e -   killer

s -   krills

5 letters

b -   brill

d -   drill

e -   iller   liker   rille

f -   frill

g -   grill

i -   krill

k -   krill

l -   krill

p -   prill

r -   krill

s -   kills   rills   skill   skirl

t -   trill

4 letters

a -   aril   ilka   kail   lair   lari   lark   liar   lira   rail   raki   rial

b -   bilk   bill   birk   birl

c -   lick   rick

d -   dill   dirk   dirl

e -   keir   kier   lier   like   lire   riel   rile

f -   fill

g -   gill   girl

h -   hill

i -   kill   liri   rill

j -   jill

k -   kill   kirk

l -   kill   rill

m -   milk   mill   mirk

n -   kiln   kirn   link   nill   rink

o -   kilo   roil   roll

p -   pill

r -   rill

s -   ilks   ills   irks   kirs   kris   risk   silk   sill

t -   kilt   lilt   till   tirl

u -   lurk

v -   vill   virl

w -   will

y -   illy   lily   yill

z -   zill

3 letters

a -   ail   air   all   ark   lar   ria

b -   lib   rib

c -   ick

d -   kid   lid   rid

e -   elk   ell   ire   lei   lek   lie   rei

f -   fil   fir   kif   rif

g -   rig

h -   khi

i -   ilk   ill   irk   kir

k -   ilk   irk   kir

l -   ilk   ill

m -   mil   mir   rim

n -   ink   kin   lin   nil   rin

o -   koi   kor   oil

p -   kip   lip   rip

r -   irk   kir

s -   lis   sir   ski   sri

t -   kit   lit   til

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