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Words formed from any letters in knit, plus optional blank

The value of the blank, or of an existing letter already on the game board, is shown at the start of each line.

5 letters

a -   takin

h -   think

s -   knits   skint   stink

4 letters

a -   akin   anti   ikat   kain   kina   tain   tank

b -   bint

c -   nick   tick

d -   dink   dint   kind

e -   kent   kine   kite   nite   tike   tine

f -   fink

g -   gink   king   ting

h -   hint   kith   thin

i -   inti   knit   tiki

j -   jink

k -   kink   knit

l -   kiln   kilt   link   lint

m -   mink   mint

n -   knit

o -   ikon   into   kino   knot   oink

p -   pink   pint

r -   kirn   rink

s -   inks   kins   kist   kits   nits   sink   skin   skit   snit   tins

t -   knit   tint

u -   unit

w -   twin   wink

y -   inky   tiny   tyin

3 letters

a -   ain   ait   ani   ant   kat   tan

b -   bin   bit   nib

c -   ick   tic

d -   din   dit   kid

e -   ken   net   ten   tie

f -   fin   fit   kif

g -   gin   git

h -   hin   hit   khi   nth

i -   ink   kin   kit   nit   tin

j -   jin

k -   ink   kin   kit

l -   ilk   lin   lit   nil   til

m -   nim

n -   ink   inn   kin   nit   tin

o -   ion   koi   not   ton

p -   kip   nip   pin   pit   tip

r -   irk   kir   rin

s -   ins   its   sin   sit   ski   tis   tsk

t -   kit   nit   tin   tit

u -   nut   tui   tun

w -   win   wit

x -   nix

y -   yin

z -   zin   zit

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